Brooke Hogan's New Projects: Everything You Need To Know!
(Brooke Hogan's New Projects: Everything You Need To Know! / Image Credits:In Touch Weekly)

Brooke Ellen Bollea was born on May 5, 1988, in Tampa Florida. She is an American television personality, actress, singer and a producer known for Sand Sharks (2012), Little Hercules in 3-D (2009) and School of Dead. She is known by her stage name Brooke Hogan and the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

She starred in a spin-off reality series called 'Brooke Knows Best' after the cancellation of 'Hogan Knows Best'. The show focused on her life and how she started her life after moving out of her parents house, living with her two roommates and starting a new chapter of her life.

In recent years Broke Hogan has shifted her focus to the music industry. She has released two country albums, Undiscovered in 2015 and The Real Brooke Hogan' in the 2020s. She appeared in several TV shows and movies like China, IL and Glow and many others.

Here is the list of Brooke Hogan's recent projects:

  • Brooke Hogan released a new single called Country Girls On March 11, 2023. The  song is the true depiction of her love of country music about her roots in Nashville. This song is produced by Nathan Chapman.
  • Her new album which she is working on is expected to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.Her new album is in the early stages but the pop singer Brooke said the album will be a mix of both the pop muscle and country.
  • She is also a  member of the reality TV show Brook and Jade: Hogan Knows Best.The show focused on the life of Brooke and her sister Jade, who moved to Nashville to pursue their dream. Due to the family's positive portrayal and friendship teh show gained success and fame. This reality show is a spin-off of the popular reality show Hogan Knows Best.
  • For several years she has been the spokesperson for the non-profit organization named as the Humane society of the United States  and she appeared in several campaigns. She is dedicated to helping poor animals and raising awareness about animal abuse.

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Details about the Reality TV show Brooke & Jade: Hogan Knows Best

Details about the Reality TV show Brooke & Jade: Hogan Knows Best
(Details about the Reality TV show Brooke & Jade: Hogan Knows Best / Image Credits:Logopedia - Fandom,JustWatch)

Here are the details below!
The show was produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, the same production company that produced her previous reality show Hogan Knows Best and it was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, the show didn't gain success like the previous one. In the show, the two sisters, Brooke and Jade tried to launch a music career and their parents also made appearances in the show. Brooke dated Trace Adkins, a country singer. The show caught controversy as Brooke made racist remarks during the show and apologized for her remarks after the audience's reactions. The Reality show is based on one season with 10 episodes and it is aired on the network VH1.