Lessons In Co Parenting And Family Life: Kate Gosselin’s Parenting Journey
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Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin gained fame as the parents of eight children. Their first experience of parenthood began in October 2000 with the arrival of girls, Mady and Cara who're now 22 years old. After four years their family expanded further with the birth of sextuplets; Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel who are currently 19 years old. The unique dynamics of their family became the subject of a TV show called Jon & Kate Plus 8 (later renamed Kate Plus 8). This show aired from 2007, to 2017. Documented their journey as they raised their eight children in Pennsylvania.


In June 2009 Kate filed for divorce due to allegations of infidelity surrounding Jon. Despite this situation both parents aimed to maintain a relationship for the sake of their children. In an interview with PEOPLE in July 2009 Kate expressed her desire for celebrations on holidays and birthdays; My dream and hope is that we can come together during those times and set aside our differences, for the benefit of our kids.

Jon echoed this sentiment in a statement released after the divorce filing; My top priority remains our kids. I love them deeply. Want nothing more than to ensure their happiness, wellbeing and safety. My main priority is to be the father I can be, to my kids, providing them with love, support and care. Even though I am no longer married to Kate it doesn't diminish my commitment to fulfilling this role.

Custody Of Children After Divorce

However once their divorce was finalized in December 2009 Kate and Jon found themselves embroiled in a challenging custody battle. While Kate was granted custody of all eight children initially the situation changed over time. By 2022 Hannah and Collin were living with Jon on a full time basis while the other six children had minimal, to no contact with their father.

Kate has often described herself as a  parent but she has also expressed her anticipation for assuming a different role. In an interview with PEOPLE, in August 2016 she shared her excitement about becoming a grandparent who brings wisdom and relaxed advice while being able to come and go as needed.

Milestone Journey

Milestone Journey
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In 2023 all eight of the Gosselin children reached milestones in their journeys. Mady and Cara graduated from college while the sextuplets graduated from school.
However Jon shared with PEOPLE in June that he attended one of these ceremonies.

Here's everything you need to know about Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's eight children; Mady, Cara Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Aaden and Joel.
Kate welcomed girls, named Madelyn Mady Kate and Cara Nicole into the world on October 8 2000 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

During the years of their childhood, Mady and her twin sister lived a private life away from the public eye. It wasn't until April 2007 when Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired that they started to receive attention. As the TLC show gained popularity Mady became known for expressing her emotions. According to Kate's statements to PEOPLE magazine these outbursts were a response to the upheaval caused by their parents divorce and media scrutiny.