Health Is Wealth! Loni Love Needs To Lose Weight!
(Health Is Wealth! Loni Love Needs To Lose Weight! /Image Credits: People)

American comedian, T.V. personality, actress, author, and once-employed electrical engineer Loni Love is also a comedian. He began the new millennium as an electrical engineer but soon transitioned to music engineering before beginning a career in stand-up comedy.

Health journey of Loni Love!

The 52-year-old actress posted a selfie of herself in an examination room with wires on her chest on Instagram on Thursday, sharing a health update from her doctor. When was your most recent checkup? Love stated in the caption, Doc says my heart is healthy. And then he says what he usually says: lose more weight, she continued. laaawwddd #HealthIsWealth The former co-host of The Real has regularly updated her followers on her health before her most recent doctor's appointment. The T.V. star said that she underwent gallbladder surgery in January.

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Revealed on social media!

Love casually posed the question on Instagram, Whenever y'all go to the O.R., do y'all ever make the whole O.R. stop and get into a little prayer? which set off the January reveal. We took a moment to pray. Okay, that was me. In a flash, she assured her audience that she was fine. I just had my gallbladder removed, she added. So everything is good. I'm fine, you know that. She made jokes throughout most of the clip, but at the end of the video, she advised viewers to check their health. Visit a physician. Verify your figures. Have your blood tested. You are as broke as if you had no money in your bank account without your health. Well-being is riches. I just wanted to let you all know that, she said.

Loni Love joined the healthy program!

Health Is Wealth! Loni Love Needs To Lose Weight!
(Loni Love joined the healthy program! /Image Credits:

In 2019, Love also agreed to serve as an ambassador for W.W. (formerly known as Weight Watchers). She exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that she enrolled in the class to discover how to make good decisions.I also know that we don't take the greatest possible care of ourselves, and I am quite concerned about the general health of my neighbourhood. You might want assistance. She said, W.W. is a tool that can assist. Love has acknowledged attempting fad diets, but she is attracted to W.W. due to its accessibility and Oprah Winfrey's support as a celebrity spokesperson. Love said that Oprah had influenced her. She assured me I could continue enjoying my tequila shots, so I was convinced. Winfrey, 69, served as the comic's inspiration, but James Welsh, her lifelong lover, offered encouragement. She sat next to Welsh in her original W.W. announcement and acknowledged that it was new ground" for the marriage. James is eager to travel with me, Love said. We shall inspire and educate one another. It's also good to have his backing!

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