Skims Expansion

Skims Expansion
(Skims Expansion /Image Credits:Complex)

Kim Kardashian may have a range of business ventures. One that truly brings us all together is undoubtedly Skims. In the four years since its launch this shapewear and loungewear brand, offering solutions, for every body type has surpassed everyone's expectations. It has found its way into the closets of both enthusiasts and those who have never even watched an episode of KUWTK.

Although it took some time for the UK to have access to the line, expansion has been rapid recently. Now there is a UK commerce site along with select edits at Net a Porter, Harrods and Selfridges. Selfridges even hosted a Corner Shop pop up event for the Skims Swim line.

More Accessible 

Ever since Skims became more accessible to us here in the UK it has made waves on the internet with milestone achievements. They introduced an Adaptive collection tailored specifically for individuals, with mobility—an initiative that gained attention. Additionally they launched their Fits Everybody line with a campaign featuring some of the world's supermodels.. Lets not forget about their bum cleavage dress that caused quite a stir.

Speaking of moves, Skim's latest innovation is likely to divide their fanbase.

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Skims is reintroducing the push up bra, a style from the 2000s that lets be honest appeared more appealing, in music videos and eye-catching advertisements than it did in everyday situations.

But don't worry yet because this isn't the padded scaffolding you might remember from 2014. It's actually quite different. (Believe me I usually stick to T shirt bras.) It's clear that Kim understands the problems, with the push up styles and true to Skims style she has worked hard to find a solution that really holds up under scrutiny.

What’s New

What’s New
(What’s New /Image Credits:Hindustan Times)

"Traditional push up bras would lift me up but didn't give me the shape and made my bust look shelf-like from the side distorting its curves " explains Kim Kardashian, Creative Director & Co Founder. "I also noticed that traditional push up bras weren't truly supportive for women and caused spillage." Indeed those with a cup size know this struggle too well. So how does one create a bra that enhances cleavage in 2023? According to Kim it takes a lot of trial and error.

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"We dedicated a lot of time to perfecting the Skims Ultimate Bra " she says.

"We conducted research on womens busts, through the use of 3D scans, including my own. Methodically we meticulously crafted cups that offer an appearance giving your bust a beautiful 'teardrop' shape with just the right amount of fullness and creating a perfect cleavage."

Jens Grede, CEO & Co Founder of Skims emphasizes that "the key to engaging with the generation of customers lies in delivering quality and meaningful innovation in sectors that are ready for disruption. We attentively listen to our customers' feedback. Invest months, years, in testing and developing fresh concepts."

The Ultimate Bra is truly a design creating a teardrop shape without any visible lines or uncomfortable straps. Its edges are seamlessly bonded to ensure a fit, under clothing and the fabric with a sheen moves in sync with your body giving you a naturally appealing look from every angle.  As expected from Skims it offers inclusivity with 10 shades of nude and sizes ranging from 32A to 44D.

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You can find the Ultimate Bra on the Skims website, in the UK starting this Friday the 17th. The waitlist is already open so make sure to prepare your shopping basket by adding pieces that would catch the attention of fashion editors when shopping at Skims.