Lucky colour – Silver

Lucky number - 44

You'll feel better the sooner you get the connection back to being transparent. Although your intentions were noble, you have done this person a disservice by withholding the truth, and your conscience is probably troubled by the secret. Put some truth serum in your system, and clear the air.



Lucky colour – Pink

Lucky number - 8

The moon is shining brightly this morning in Taurus, your successful tenth house. Work it! You have the business sense and charisma to seal any transaction. But avoid using long, flowery sentences in your pitches and instead, get to the point quickly. Others are curious as to what they stand to gain.



Lucky colour – Cyan

Lucky number – 46

Venus in Leo and Saturn in your romance home are in harmony today, making you radiate from the inside out. You have a solid foundation when it comes to love. You'll be able to enjoy someone's company without letting your glassy-eyed dreams take over. Get out there and make eye contact with people. Even though you are attractive and enticing, no one will notice you when you are binge-watching Netflix in bed.



Lucky colour – Green

Lucky number – 23

The Sun-Saturn square of today highlights areas in which you depend excessively on the approval of others. Keep in mind that no one else is in charge of giving you a sense of worth or significance and that conforming to other people's expectations won't make you feel fantastic about yourself. Take a stand and be adamant about who you are.



Lucky colour – Purple

Lucky number – 7

Today's conflict between the moon in your twelfth house and erratic Uranus may cause you to jump to irrational conclusions regarding anything you believe to be harmful. It's likely that your purported "antagonist" isn't trying to harm you, but it could be difficult to tell reality from the movie in your imagination. Avoid making any charges that cannot be supported by verifiable evidence.



Lucky colour – Olive

Lucky number – 21

It helps today that you are passionately protective of the people you love. Your intuition will be powerful since the emotional moon and Chiron the healer is in harmony. Ask inquiries to get additional information if you think anything is odd with someone you care about. Your kindness alone says a lot. Once you know everything, you'll probably be able to provide some insightful counsel based on your own experiences. What first seems uncomfortable might develop into a time of connection.



Lucky colour – Violet

Lucky number – 6

This morning, with the moon in your imaginative ninth house, you may awaken remembering a profound dream or experiencing an epiphany over coffee. But refrain from telling everyone about this idea. Your stars seem to be moving around, so think carefully about the effects that your communication could have at work. Be suitable and professional, erring on the side of caution.



Lucky colour – Charcoal

Lucky number – 1

It's a myth that being in control, in addition to being overvalued. The thought of "going with the flow" may occasionally freak out your orderly sign, but today's harmonic conjunction of Venus in your twelfth house and Saturn in your fourth house nudges you out of the driver's seat. You must have someone you can trust. You're probably financial and health circumstances will improve.



Lucky colour – Bronze

Lucky number – 31

The reversal of the stars today strongly advises that you take your time and take care of Numero Uno. You want to get it all done, but if you don't top off your tanks, nothing will get done. Create a self-care plan that includes daily meditation, mild yoga, and regular massages. Your energy levels will improve dramatically if you set clear boundaries with those needy family members.



Lucky colour – Cream

Lucky number – 6

You could be asked to choose a side in a dispute that you'd prefer not to engage in right now. Your rational thinking will frequently perceive arguments in sharp black and white since you don't frequently allow emotions to take precedence over intellect.  Avoid becoming too involved since it will probably end tomorrow and you'll be happy to escape unharmed.



Lucky colour – Black 

Lucky number – 12

Today, working as a team will be incredibly satisfying as well as a big relief. Spend some time introducing individuals to your procedures so they are aware of how you like things to be done. Pull folks away one at a time for some one-on-one time to get to know each other. Making solid relationships with each person makes sure your chain is robust and there are no weak links.



Lucky colour – Magenta

Lucky number – 10

The stars of today might make you more receptive and private than usual because they are in your eighth house of deep emotions. So don't feel obligated to report everything you observe. You'll be able to see your significant other's failing to kiss you goodbye or being jostled on the metro as the harmless errors they were later in the day when la Luna enters logical Gemini and your vast ninth house.