A Famous Hollywood Icon ‘’tom Hanks’’ Warms Our Hearts On And Off Screen
(A Famous Hollywood Icon Tom Hanks Warms Our Hearts On And Off Screen/Image Credits: Variety)

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born on 9 July 1956. Hence, he is regarded as an American cultural icon. He has crossed more than $4.9 billion views on his fantastic films. Through which he has won several nominations for his performances.

Tom Hanks started his career by playing lead roles in a series of comedy films. In 1993, he also starred in a role as a gay lawyer who suffered from aids in Philadelphia. Hence, for his wonderful performance, he won two consecutive awards for the best actor. 

From 1998 to 2015, he collaborated with film directors on five films. In 1998, he did the film ‘’Saving Private Ryan’’. However, in 2002, he did other films. In 2002 played the role in the film ‘’the Pacific’’ which launched him as a director, producer, and screenwriter.

Let’s discuss his early life and how he decided to become a professional actor,

Tom Hanks was born in California. His mother was from a Portuguese family and his father had English ancestry. He is a cousin of President ‘’Abraham Lincoln’’. In 1960, his parents filed for divorce. He has two more siblings, one became a professor at the University of Illinois and the younger one decided to become an actor and filmmaker. Tom Hanks, along with his father went. While his other siblings stayed with their mother in California.

Tom Hanks continued his studies. He was quite unpopular with students and teachers. He also acted in school plays while attending Skyline High School in California. However, he studied theatre and after two years he transferred to California State University.
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A Famous Hollywood Icon ‘’tom Hanks’’ Warms Our Hearts On And Off Screen
(A Famous Hollywood Icon Tom Hanks Warms Our Hearts On And Off Screen/Image Credits: Variety)

During his studies, he also met the head of the Great Lakes Theatre Festival. He started his internship at the festival. Hence, he became an intern at the festival. The internship was a 3-year experience that covered theatre production.

In 1979, Tom Hanks moved to New York, where he made his first film debut. He also met many writers who were writing the film. However, the one film was ‘’Splash’’. In 1984, he played in a romantic comedy film. At first, he was selected as a main character but eventually considered as John Candy.

Tom Hanks played the lead role in the film ‘’Splash’’ which grossed over US$69 million. In 1984, he made three guest appearances. In 1998, he played a great comedy fantasy film ‘’Big’’ which made his career more successful. For his fantastic performance, he won the Best Actor Academy Award. A year later, along with Sally Field, he co-starred as a struggling comedian.

In 2002, he appeared in the film Robert Zemeckis Cast Away for which he received the Golden Globe award for winning the Best Actor Academy Award nominations. No doubt, he won everyone's hearts with his personality and talent.

Thus, he won several awards for his fantastic performances. This was all about Tom Hanks's journey and his acting career. That’s how he won everyone’s hearts on and off screen.
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