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DailyPopMix puts your privacy before anything else.

Dailypopmix develops brands to connect you to goods and services and feed great content at every stage of your life. Team DailyPopMix can also tailor your experience with us based on how you interact with us. Our goal is to enable you to take control of your personal information and to be open and honest about how, why, and how we gather and utilize it. You are our customer, not our product.

What contexts do these privacy policies apply to?

This Privacy Statement is applicable when you connect with our Brands via their websites, mobile applications, email correspondence, voice assistants, and other services.

What type of Personal Data Do Our Brands fetch?

The following personal data may be fetched about you or from you by our Brands when you visit our Services:

Web Activity: Information about how you use our Services, how you interact with emails we send you, and how you use other websites, including the web pages, content, and advertisements you view and links you click on. Additionally, it contains details regarding your usage of our services, how you interact with emails we send you, and whether you open, forward, or click links in emails we send you. It also includes information about your browsing history and social media use, including "likes'' and "shares.

Demographic Data: Age, gender, race, level of education, income, occupation, marital status, and details about your household's or family's size, number of children and their ages, whether you own your home outright, whether you rent it, and how long you've lived there are all examples of demographic information.

Location Information: Your IP address or information about your general location that we infer from it. We may also gather precise location data from your device under certain conditions.

Online Identifiers: Your IP address, advertising ID, special device ID, and other details about your device, as well as any internal or third-party IDs that have been given to you.

Behavioural Data: Your preferences, opinions, and other behavioural data are used to conclude you.  Your favourite hobbies and also other varied interests include your favourite binge show, which videos you like, which food apps you prefer to order, your purchasing and consumption tendencies, etc.,

Sign-up data: Some of our Brands may give you the option to subscribe to our newsletter, register for one of our Services, request more information from us, or make a purchase from us. As a result, those Brands might also fetch account information, contact information, payment information, etc.,

Note: We do not record your speech or audio when you interact with our Brands using voice assistants, such as when you use an Amazon Alexa "skill" or a Google Home "activity," but we will be aware of what you are "looking" for. You might be given a choice to give us personal data, such as your phone number or email address, to get further information from us.

Where and How do our Brands fetch Personal Data?

  1. Visitors are one of the several sources through which we get personal information about them. Some of our Brands may collect your contact information, registration/account details, payment gateway, and any other personal information you choose to provide to us through the Services. Additionally, if you use the Services to make a purchase, we store a record of your transactions and order details.
  2. From the readers'/customers'/visitors'/device with the help of cookies and other technologies.

Cookies: Your computer stores a small file called a "cookie." Along with the address and other details about the website you are visiting, it also includes a unique identification number. Cookies enable us to determine if you frequently use our services. For instance, even though you might not log in when using our Services, we can use cookies to identify that you have previously visited that website. To make sure the content and services we provide are compelling and relevant when you visit our Services, we use cookies to understand better what interests our users.

Other tracking technologies: Small code fragments known as web beacons, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies are added to web pages, emails, and advertisements. With the use of these technologies, your browser can identify and save particular types of data, including previously set cookies, the time and date you viewed the page with the beacon, and a description of that page.

Do you have a choice to unsubscribe cookies?:

Most of the time, yeah! Some cookies are necessary for the Services to function. The Services will cease to work if you delete certain cookies (for instance, you wouldn't be able to make an order on the Services if we couldn't remember the products you added to a shopping cart). The third-party cookies (cookies placed by advertisers and data partners) on our Services are always up to you to accept or decline. Remember that blocking cookies can prevent you from viewing or using some of the features of our Services.

  1. From Advertisers, Data Partners, and Service Providers:

Advertisers: Your email address or other online identifiers may occasionally be shared with us by the advertisers who place advertisements on our services so that we may make sure their promotions get to you.

Service Providers: To help us with tasks like hosting our websites, handling credit card transactions, filling your subscriptions and orders, confirming your identity, and other tasks required to help us provide our content and services to you, we work with service providers who collect personal information on our behalf. Our service providers may only use your personal information to carry out the services we have requested from them.

Data Partners: To better understand you and make sure the content and services we provide are compelling and relevant to you, we collaborate with third-party data partners who share personal information with us, including your demographic information, internet activity information, purchasing information, and interests, preferences, and other behavioural data.

How Does User Information Utilized by Our Brands?

We, other Dailypopmix Companies, use your personal information and service suppliers acting on our behalf to:

  1. Reaching out to you:

To communicate with you by email, including newsletters for our Brand, polls, and other messages.

  1. Complete Your Orders, Subscriptions, and Other Requests.
  • Gratify your demands for information, goods, and services (including sending you newsletters via e-mail or postal mail).
  • Some of our Brands provide goods and services that you can buy separately or as part of a subscription. We process your orders on those sites using the personal data you give us at checkout.
  • To assist you in redeem the points that you have earned through loyalty based programs.
  1. Signup for new account and supervise it

We sign up for the new account on your name and also handle it well by providing access to it .

  1. Dailypopmix Promotions

Your personal information may be used by us to market the Brands to you as well as the products and services of the other businesses owned by the Dailypopmix once the requisite agreements are in place.

  1. Personalize the content and advertisements that are shown to you while you use our services.
  • Personalize the information and advertisements you see when using our services, going to other businesses' websites, and getting our emails.
  • Keep in mind any choices you establish while utilizing the Services, including with your browser settings.
  • So that we can send you relevant, interest-based content and advertising across all of our Services.
  1. Providing and enhancing services.
  • Analyze, run, and enhance our services (such as by fixing bugs or debugging them) or creating new ones.
  • Enables you to participate in services like discussion boards, polls, surveys, and giveaways.
  • Improve the quantity and efficacy of our Services, features, and associated messages by tracking visitor traffic and usage trends.
  1. For our advertisers, we do marketing, advertising, and other research.
  • Send you information, promotions, and exclusive deals from other companies owned by the Dailypopmix and carefully chosen third parties (as permitted by law).
  • Recognize patterns in how users of our Services engage with the advertisements, content, and other features there (e.g., your behaviour on our Services may be included in a general report about whether people prefer video content over written content on our Services).
  • Ensure that our advertisers may email you.
  • Analyze your market or audience, then present your findings
  1. Safety and detecting fraud.
  • Enforce the law or uphold our legal rights.
  • Prevent potentially unlawful or forbidden behaviour, abide by the law, and enforce our terms of service on the relevant website.

we might access your personally identifiable information for any additional objectives that were made known to you when we requested it, once we have the required authorization.