Is There A Romantic Relationship Between Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper?
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Although divorces and separations have been a prevalent subject of discussion this summer, there have also been several noteworthy new relationships that have captured public attention. From the union of Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet to the coupling of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, these blossoming relationships are plentiful. 

Engage In Social Interactions With Others

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are among the notable couples on this list. The model and the actor initially surprised internet users when they were first seen together, but they have since become regular companions in their public appearances and social gatherings. 

A recent report has provided information regarding their escape and the involvement of Swift in their situation. The renowned singer has generously offered one of her residences to the emerging couple, in addition to providing the latest update on Hadid and Cooper's relationship. 

Facilitating Romantic Connections

Taylor Swift has generously offered her Rhode Island mansion to the 28-year-old supermodel and the 48-year-old actor, allowing them to relish their moments away from the intrusive paparazzi. According to a source, Taylor, known for her romantic nature, takes pleasure in playing matchmaker for her friends. 

Despite Gigi and Bradley possessing their residences in New York, they sought a more secluded environment to foster their connection, and Taylor readily extended her assistance. The informant further disclosed that the 33-year-old pop sensation extended an invitation to the pair, expressing her willingness to welcome them into her residence at any time. 

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Treasuring Their Flourishing Bond

It is worth noting that Hadid has previously frequented the expansive 11,000-square-foot mansion during Swift's annual Fourth of July gatherings. This lavish abode features a total of eight bedrooms, eight fireplaces, and a currently occupied pool, where Hadid and Cooper are currently cherishing their blossoming relationship, despite the unexpected and polarizing responses from online users. 

The rumors surrounding their relationship began this month when they were observed having a meal at Via Carota, which left fans astounded by the unexpected pairing. They departed in the same vehicle and have subsequently been sighted together on multiple occasions. According to an undisclosed informant, Cooper's former partner, Irina Shayk, played a role in their introduction. 

Gigi Conveyed Her Keen Interest

Gigi conveyed her keen interest
(Gigi conveyed her keen interest /Image Credits: Public TV English)

Gigi and Bradley recently reconnected and bonded over their shared experiences as parents, which led to Bradley asking her out, the informant disclosed. The insider further revealed that Gigi expressed interest and enthusiasm, and they have been casually dating ever since. Gigi has explicitly expressed her lack of interest in pursuing a profound commitment at the present moment. 

The source claimed that they share numerous similarities and can relate to the challenges of being parents in the entertainment industry. Conversely, rumours suggest that Shayk is romantically involved with NFL star Tom Brady. Hadid was formerly engaged in an enduring romantic partnership with Zayn Malik, with whom she shares a three-year-old daughter. 

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