Greta Gerwig Said She ‘stood At The Back’ Of Barbie Screenings To Observe The Audience’s Reactions
(Greta Gerwig Said She ‘stood At The Back’ Of Barbie ScreeningsPuppies/ImageCredits: Times)

Greta Gerwig is spilling an astounding secret on her blockbuster film, Barbie. The 40-year-old director said that she has decided to carry out her covert field research throughout the movie’s opening weekend held in July by hiding at the back of the theatre throughout the screening to observe the watcher’s reactions firsthand. 

She recounted over a screen conversation on Sunday at ‘BFI London film festival’, ‘I went through various theatres and figure out stood at the back and then, turn up for the volume once I observed that it was not playing at the good level’. She revealed at the sneaky screenings, she heard a woman who cracked up for a zingy one-liner on the Proust Barbie. 

Gerwig told to the festival watchers, ‘And I was like, it was the joke for you’. She went on to publish that the movie seemed to be the most ‘joyful’ experience that she has ever had over the set. She continued, ‘So, I assumed if I can turn a movie that’s half as fun to see the insights as it was to make. I assume we have got that shot’.

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Greta Gerwig Was Self-Doubt Over The Script And Her Creative Choices

Greta Gerwig Was Self-Doubt Over The Script And Her Creative Choices
(Greta Gerwig Was Self-Doubt Over The Script And Her Creative Choices. s/ImageCredits: Los Angeles Times)

Gerwig openly shared her struggles with self-doubt regarding the script and certain creative decisions, such as the beloved  I'm Just Ken dance scene where multiple Kens engage in a playful fight. Reflecting on this, she admitted, "That sequence, especially, was packed with choices that excited and delighted me. Yet, on my way home at the end of the day, I couldn't help but think, 'Oh no!'

Though she continues to bask in the history-making success of Barbie, Gerwig is catching her attention with the new creative activities. She teased that she was working on the new at the right moment though, did not share any kind of details. 

She said during the festival adding that she is grappling with self-doubt, ‘I am at the writing process and it’s hard as I am having frequent nightmares. In July, Gerwig expressed a similar sentiment when discussing her involvement in an upcoming project: directing two Narnia movies based on C.S. Lewis' renowned ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ book series. She revealed during the podcast of ‘Inside Total Film’, ‘I have not really begun with wrapping my arms over it. I am scared of it and feels like a nice place to begin. I believe while I feel scared, it is always depicting a good sign’.  

She said in July while declaring that she like to go back to Barbie Land, ‘There is a humour and a tone and a joy and definitely a world, which is so beautiful’. See more glances from and get new storylines worldwide. 

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