Took Part In Dancing 

Jesse Metcalfe's Most-Liked TV Shows Worth Watching
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During the part of 2020, Jesse Metcalfe took part in Dancing with the Stars as one of the contestants. He was partnered with Sharna Burgess, who imparted dancing techniques to him. Now that the show has concluded Jesse took a moment to reflect on his journey. I was genuinely taken aback by how demanding dancing can be mentioned the DWTS alumnus before expanding on his dance style. "I'd probably have to say that my favorite dance style is tango. The intricate footwork and Latin essence make it feel alluring compared to traditional ballroom dances." Clearly passionate about his interests Jesse didn't shy away from expressing his fondness for cheesy movies. However, there is one film in particular that holds a place in his heart.

Romance happens to be one of Jesse's movie genres; he has a spot for those wonderfully cheesy ones!"They're definitely a pleasure you know? It's not something you typically discuss with your friends '' Metcalfe chuckled. "I enjoy movies that evoke emotions. I'm not afraid to shed a few tears. I'd have to say The Notebook is my film." 

His Favorite Movie 

Jesse Metcalfe's Most-Liked TV Shows Worth Watching
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He admitted that this movie is definitely cliché. When it comes to romance I think it's a film, without a doubt. If you ever feel like having a snack while watching a cheesy movie like The Notebook Jesse suggests trying out Cheez-It popcorn.

Jesse is well known for his roles in Dancing with the Stars and in comedic films like John Tucker Must Die, Passions, and Desperate Housewives. Recently he has also taken on dark movies. One of his projects is A Beautiful Place to Die; A Martha's Vineyard Mystery within the Hallmark movies and mysteries genre. In this film, he plays the character of Jeff Jackson. According to Jesse "The character is amazing. He has an edge and a rough demeanor; he's like a guy. As an actor, I feel like I'm truly becoming the character rather than being myself. I genuinely enjoy working on these Hallmark channel movies." Additionally besides being an actor in A Beautiful Place to Die; A Martha's Vineyard Mystery, Jesse also serves as a producer.

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I've had experiences as a producer before but I must say that my involvement with these movies feels different and more significant revealed Jesse.

Despite being well, into the century romantic comedies continue to be targeted towards women as pointed out by The Tab. However it's worth noting that there are plenty of men who appreciate rom coms and Jesse Metcalfe is one of them. The actor has appeared in comedies such as "The Other End of the Line" and "John Tucker Must Die," and he genuinely enjoys the whole experience.

"I absolutely adore filming rom-com" he shared with Heavy. "It's something that resonates with viewers, from all walks of life... Love relationships truly fuel existence; they hold significance in our lives."

Nor does he relish starring in rom-coms. Metcalfe also indulges himself in watching them considering it a not-so-secret pleasure. Metcalfe is evidently connected with his emotions as he confessed: "I'm not afraid to shed a tear or two when I watch movies.". When asked about his romance film Metcalfe enthusiastically mentioned the timeless 2004 classic "The Notebook."

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