Jill Duggar Revealed Dad Jim Bob Frightened Family On A Group Text
(Jill Duggar Revealed Dad Jim Bob Frightened Family On A Group Text Image Credits: E! Online)

A 32-year-old Jill Duggar Dillard released her biography of 'Counting the Cost' on September 12 and shared a post of what her father, Jim Bob Duggar, 58, believed throughout a new interview on September 18.

At the phone interview with the channel, the '19 Kids and Counting' alum appealed that her dad was 'frightened' to cut his family 'out of the heirloom' once they spoke out contrary to him and his 57-year-old wife, Michelle Duggar. Jill said to the outlet for a couple of days once her memoir was published.

She said, 'My father has texted the whole family group text when we still remain in the group thread and he was just asking, this is so sad. And basically, frightening if anyone speaks against him or my mother that they will cut out from the heirloom'. She assumed that the 58-year-old had told her and his children that they owe their lives to the founder of IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles), Bill Gothard.

Jill's Husband, Derick Dillard Protects His Wife

Jill's Husband, Derick Dillard Protects His Wife
(Jill's Husband, Derick Dillard Protects His Wife Image Credits: The Hollywood Gossip)

Since the relationship between Jill and her father grew more stressed, her 34-year-old husband, Derick Dillard, put in to protect his wife. She told the sources that her bond with her father got panicked to the point where Derick was there to help her and kind to say, 'Hey! Do not reach to my wife separately or else I will have to file a protecting case as it was difficult for me to deal with'.

Jill and Derick have been tied the knot since 2014 and share three kids. At the same time of the interview, Derick described the 'border' that he and his wife were fixed for the Duggar Patriarch. Derick said Jim Bob knew that Jill was in a bad mood, though very tender and emotional. Hence, he would play for that.

He further mentioned, 'I had previously requested, 'Please don't talk to her privately, just one-on-one.' But he did it again. So, I told him, "If you can't respect this rule because we're working on improving our boundaries, I'll have to get a protective order.'

Jill And Her Husband, Derick Hoped For 'Reconciliation'

Jill And Her Husband, Derick Hoped For 'Reconciliation'
(Jill And Her Husband, Derick Hoped For 'Reconciliation Image Credits: Los Angeles Times, Duggar Data - Tumblr)

Despite the family's falling out, Jill Duggar admitted that she and her husband, Derick, are hoping for a 'settlement' when there is 'actual' change. Jill shared, 'The real change would have to be occurred during some relationships. We hope for the settlement with some siblings and these bonds; sometimes, there is a need for time and space.

She further shared, 'While we think that life is too short, we are not going into an intimidating process that pressured to stay into a wrong way of healing'. After the release of her biography, Jim Bob and his wife published a statement on September 12, 'We love all our kids too much. With any family, some things are more distressing than problems or conflicts with those you love. We have eyed for dealing honourably with our finances, kids, and other efforts.

Jill And Derick Shared Their Family's Future Relationship

The couple mentioned, 'Though not perfect, our goal is to live a life that respects Christ's teachings. We don't think dealing with conflicts, forgiving, reconciling, or handling difficulties should be done through the media or in public so we won't make any comments.

They addressed the future bond with their family, 'since the future discloses, we'll serve to love our family, pray for them and rejoice every moment gifted to us being grandparents and parents'.

Jill revealed her future intentions, 'We genuinely care about our family, and I wish for my children to have their grandparents play a more significant role in their lives. However, we also want to ensure the relationship is positive and healthy.

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