Worried about his health

Worried about his health
(Worried about his health/ Image Credits:Archives)

In 2020 the famous pop star Justin Bieber disclosed to the world his brutal incident with Lyme condition and chronicles. He seemed so annoyed and worried about his health when he talked with reporters about his health condition. He hoped that he would soon recover from this disease and start living a healthy life.

A warning to the people

A warning to the people
(A warning to the people/ Image Credits:Glamour)

In January 2020, he notified fans about his diagnosis, and his wife Hailey Bieber stood up for his protection on that exact day.

She mentioned the people, who are thinking of de-emphasizing the seriousness of Lyme illness, I am asking you all, to please do your analysis completely for this disease and see the reports of all those people who have experience with it for a lifetime.  She further wrote that those who feel silliness and make fun, criticize a disease you never apprehend to the path, all you have to do is enlighten yourself with the disease.

Backsliding story of strength

The 25-year-old musician in a backsliding story of strength honestly revealed his illness journey fighting Lyme condition. 
During his continued search for good health, he faced a disturbing truth. The Media give fake information and old pictures of him for his condition and disease.

Unseeable effort

Unseeable effort
(Unseeable effort/ Image Credits:Complex)

A scenario of celebrity and popularity, he explains a rough time considerable by health difficulty. He posted on his Instagram account, that he openly conveyed that he was suffering from a painful period for a few years. He discloses that he was diagnosed with Lyme disease as well as a persistent viral illness. Forthcoming snaps of him, impaired by scars on his body skin, swirled conjecture on social media concerning his illness state, worsening the provocation he buzzed.

Justin on his fighting

He was fighting against disease but the reporters were revealing his obsolete snaps that did not show his current condition. The singer claimed that these pictures, often used by the media, sustain a history of weakness and susceptibility that did not enclose his present health.

He posted reels

He posted stories on his Instagram account, and he groaned and wrote how surprised because of those pictures of me that were still circulating in the media, he underlined the media’s constantly deceptive reports. He continuously updates his fans about his condition and how many complexities he is facing currently while resisting the media’s particular depiction of his old photos. He was not happy with this act of media and believed that this was a serious issue of his health and he was facing a  difficult time over the years. He is still on the battlefield of the disease and trying his best to deal with it by taking precautionary and medical treatment.