Portrayed The Character: Eleven

Portrayed The Character: Eleven
(Portrayed The Character: Eleven / Image Credits: Vogue, People)

Millie Bobby Brown became widely recognized for her portrayal of Eleven, in the TV series Stranger Things back in 2016. Throughout the years she has gained recognition. What makes a career changing performance, like Millie Bobby Browns in Stranger Things? It's a combination of charisma, acting skills. Having an appearance.. Lets not forget the impact of Eleven's hairstyle and the blood trickling from her nose. These visual elements immediately convey that Eleven had an upbringing as a child. It's difficult to imagine her leaving the impression with long flowing locks (although she did come close, in BBCs Intruders). In a Twitter video the 12 year old actress shared her decision to sacrifice her hair for the role of Eleven.

As Millie approached her birthday she discussed her thoughts on adulthood during an interview with Seventeen magazine in January 2022. She expressed that simply reaching the age of 18 doesn't automatically make someone feel like a grown adult. In her words she mentioned, 'I don't think I'll ever truly feel like an adult.' Despite her skyrocketing fame the actress remains grounded. Values the support of her family. Millie has learned life lessons such as appreciating one's roots, helping others and creating content that brings happiness to peoples lives. One of her aspirations is to spread positivity and bring smiles to peoples faces.

Before Stranger Things propelled Millie into stardom she made her Hollywood debut with a role as Young Alice in two episodes of Once Upon a Time. Since then she has become a part of the cast on Stranger Things alongside actors, like Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, Gaten Matarazzo and others. However it is Millie's transformation that has created quite a buzz among fans.

Enchanting Personality

Recently captured enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays Millie appeared enchanting.

It was quite amusing because she did it to match her dog. This time Millie had hair that reached down to her waist, which her fans absolutely loved.. Wait there's more! We can't. Feel thrilled!

She made appearances on a few other TV shows to be cast in the Netflix series that would completely transform her life. As she portrayed Eleven in Stranger Things Millie also had the opportunity to star in movies for streaming on the platform.

'I consider myself fortunate to have known that I wanted to pursue acting ' she shared with Glamour U.K. In August 2020. 'Enola Holmes also taught me the importance of self awareness being my critic and supporting myself. I rely on self love because it's truly the way forward.'

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Her Thoughts On Sets

Aside from playing the character in Enola Holmes Millie also took on a producing role for the project.

'I was quite nervous honestly. I'm not going to hide it ' she confessed about her responsibility. 'It was my time doing something like this. I didn't come onto the set with an air of authority or anything like that. Instead I approached it with uncertainty; 'Should I say this? Should I say that?' It was always nerve racking because it was territory for me.'. The moment I stepped onto the set those thoughts didn't even cross my mind. I simply suggested, 'Hey why don't we give this a try?. Maybe we can experiment with that?' It felt completely natural to me; it was a chance for me to expand my knowledge and develop. I really enjoy sharing my ideas and being valued and heard.'