Nicole Curtis: Preserving Detroit's Architectural Heritage
(Nicole Curtis: Preserving Detroit's Architectural Heritage /Image Credits: Fox News)

Nicole Curtis is a licensed real estate agent, American TV personality, and home renovator. She is best known for appearing as a star of the HDTV reality show Rehab Addict. The show follows her renovating and storing historical homes in her hometown of Detroit Michigan.

Her Love For Renovation

Kurtis was born on 20th October 1976 in Lake Orion Michigan. From a very young age she had an interest in restoring old homes or decorating them and as soon as she graduated from high school, she attended the University of Michigan to study interior design. After her graduation, she moved to Detroit and started working as a real estate agent.

In 2009, she started her own business related to home renovation called Nicole Curtis Design.  She quickly gained a reputation across for hometown and beyond, with her ability to restore historical homes and bring them to their prior glory. As a result in 2010, she was approached by HGTV to launch her on a reality show called Rehab Addict.

First premiered on HGTV in 2010, the show quickly rose to fame and glory, just like Curtis did, due to her skills, making it one of the most popular shows on the network.  The show revolves around Curtis as she restores and renovates historical homes in Detroit while paying attention to the details and using her skills to repurpose and salvage the homes. Specifically, Curtis is known for her unique and hands-on approach for her commitment to renovating and preserving the original character and essence of the home she works on. Famous for her work in Rehab Addict, she also appeared in other TV shows including Beach Flip, Rescue Renovation, and Nicole Curtis Home Solution. Not only that, she even wrote a book called, Better Than New: Lessons I've Learned from Saving Old Houses.

Her Legacy

Nicole Curtis rose to Fame due to her passionate advocacy for restoring and preserving historical buildings. She has saved lots of historical homes from demolition in Detroit and even became a vocal supporter of the city and its revitalization efforts. 

In 2015, Curtis shared her top 5 valuable pieces of advice for people looking to buy and restore old homes in an inclusive interview with Country Living magazine.  During the interview, she even pointed out the biggest mistake most people made. She said, "The biggest mistake people make is that they don't do their research. They hire contractors who don't work with the type of home that they have. If you have a house from 1910, make sure that you are working with a plumber who is very proficient in old plumbing."

In 2017, she opened up to the world about the custody case she was having for her son Harper. She describes how difficult and heart-wrenching the decision was and how much emotionally it affected her. In 2021,  he will return with another TV show called Rehab Addict Rescue, filmed in Detroit. Like her previous show,  the show follows Curtis working on holding homes and stopping them from being demolished and then transforming them into beautiful spaces while ensuring that their unique element remains as it is.

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Inspiration For Many People

Inspiration For Many People
( Inspiration For Many People /Image Credits: Cablefax)

Nicola Curtis is the single mother of two children, Ethan and Harper. Apart from working for her passion, where she spends most of her time renovating and restoring homes, she loves spending time with her family while doing some gardening as well. Nicholas Curtis is the most popular and respected home renovator in the world, known for her passion and graph quality. Graph men ship preserve historical buildings while committing and dedicating her life to it. Even inspired new generations of home renovators help raise the importance of preserving architectural heritage.

Quick facts about Nicholas Curtis 1.  She learned everything herself by working on her own homes and renovating them. 2.  She is a licensed real estate agent in Michigan and she uses her real estate knowledge to find homes that she wants to renovate. 3.  She is a strong advocate for sustainable renovation practices which include using recycled materials and incorporating energy-efficient features in homes that she is renovating. 4.  Curtis is also popular for her book and the conferences and events she talked about all over the country. 5.  He is a successful businesswoman and is a role model for many people, especially for women as she breaks into the male-dominant field of home renovation and makes her name.

In conclusion, Nicole Curtis is a talented passionate home renovator who made a big name for herself and became a fan favourite by her approach of reproducing material and attention to detail. While fighting with personal challenges, she continued to work in her space and even raised children on her own while working as a home renovator.

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