Olivia Wilde Defends Her Previous Statement Regarding The Romantic Involvement Between Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce
(Olivia Wilde Defends Her Previous Statement Regarding The Romantic Involvement Between Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce /Image Credits: People)

The revelation of Taylor Swift's romantic involvement with Travis Kelce has garnered significant attention and discussion throughout the online community. Given the phenomenon of any action undertaken by a renowned pop star instantaneously gaining traction and becoming a subject of conversation, this occurrence comes as little astonishment. 

Contention Surrounding The Romantic Liaison

Furthermore, the news has permeated the realm of celebrity, with NFL commentators incorporating Swift's songs to allude to Kelce's performance. Olivia Wilde has recently become involved in the controversy surrounding the romantic relationship between Swift and the Kansas City Chief player, making a critical remark. 

Following a significant backlash received on various online platforms, the 39-year-old director has now taken a stance to defend her initial comment. On the 15th of October, 2023, Ms. Wilde was observed departing the farmer's market in Studio City, California, when she was approached by the paparazzi inquiring about her Instagram story concerning Ms. Swift and its unfavorable reception on the internet. 

The Content Was Shared On Her Instagram Story

In response, she stated, I had no intention of causing harm. It was a remark on the excessive focus placed on trivial matters, before entering her vehicle. The actress initiated a discussion following a tweet she posted on her Instagram story regarding Ms. Swift's romantic relationships. 

The tweet stated, I desire for Taylor Swift to be romantically involved with a climate scientist, alluding to the fact that the singer's relationship with Kelce has sparked a newfound interest in American football and the NFL. The remark was met with disapproval from Swift's devoted fan base, who promptly accused the author of being a hypocrite. 

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Passion For Environmental Conservation

Passion for environmental conservation
(Passion for environmental conservation /Image Credits: HELLO! Magazine)

About Wilde's previous comment about the hit song Cruel Summer, supporters took to Twitter to highlight her romantic history, specifically her past involvement with Harry Styles. They raised doubts about her newfound passion for the environment, considering that her previous behavior contradicts it. 

One user expressed, Olivia Wilde's remarks about Taylor dating a climate scientist are rather insincere, given that she frequently flew in Harry's private jet to attend all of his shows. Another individual remarked, It's hypocritical of Olivia Wilde to share this tweet, considering she traveled to nearly every one of Harry's performances while they were in a relationship.

Allocating Time To Be In Each Other's Company

The tweet originated from Dutch actress Katja Herbers. For those unfamiliar with the subject, it should be noted that Wilde and Styles were in a romantic relationship from 2021 to 2022. In contrast, Swift and Kelce have recently begun spending time together and have been observed together on multiple occasions. 

The musician has been observed attending the tight end's sporting events alongside his family on more than one occasion. Additionally, the couple was witnessed attending the after-party of Saturday Night Live while affectionately holding hands. According to reports, they appeared deeply engrossed in each other's company, engaging in intimate moments and spending quality time together. 

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