Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Have Arrived At A Four-day Mediation Session To Engage In Discussions
(Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Have Arrived At A Four-day Mediation Session To Engage In Discussions/ Image Credits:Daily Express US)

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have recently commenced their four-day mediation session in Manhattan. The esteemed actress, aged 27, was captured on camera departing from the New York City residence she has been residing in, which is under the ownership of her close acquaintance, Taylor Swift.

Turner was observed exiting the premises alongside her legal representative, attired in a relaxed manner with blue jeans and a zip-up hoodie. Subsequently, Jonas, aged 34, was spotted arriving at the legal office in New York City, adopting a casual appearance with white jeans and sunglasses.

Resolving Matters Pertaining 

During the forthcoming four days, the former couple will engage in a rigorous mediation process, with the primary objective of resolving custody matters and establishing a comprehensive parenting plan.

On Tuesday, legal representatives for the estranged couple made an official announcement regarding their participation in a four-day mediation session, scheduled to commence the subsequent day.

Despite Judge Katherine Polk Failla having established a trial date of January 2nd, the primary objective of the mediation is to address and resolve a significant number of Turner and Jonas' custody-related concerns.

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Expressing His Fervent Aspiration

Expressing his fervent aspiration
(Expressing His Fervent Aspiration/ Image Credits:SheKnows,Page Six)

During the court proceedings on Tuesday, Stephen Cullen, the attorney representing Turner, asserted that Jonas is seeking joint custody, expressing his desire for an equal division of parental responsibilities, commonly referred to as a 50-50 arrangement.

The mediation session ensued subsequent to Turner initiating legal proceedings against her estranged husband, accusing Jonas of wrongfully retaining their passports and preventing their return to England. The lawsuit demanded the prompt repatriation of the children, citing their wrongful removal or retention, with Turner's legal representatives asserting that the latter commenced on September 20.

Engage In A Collaborative Effort

Shortly after Turner lodged her complaint, Jonas issued a statement refuting her allegations and asserting that he believed they had mutually agreed to collaborate on a co-parenting arrangement. A few days thereafter, the couple reached a temporary agreement, as evidenced by documents filed in New York and obtained, stipulating that their two daughters would remain in New York City.

The interim consent order stipulates that Turner and Jonas have been directed to confine the residence of their children within the Southern and Eastern districts of New York, encompassing New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley. Jonas and Turner entered into matrimony in 2019 following an almost three-year courtship.

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Agreed Upon By Both Parties

Upon their separation, they jointly released a statement on their respective social media platforms, officially announcing the termination of their four-year marital union. Statement from both parties: 'After four delightful years of matrimony, we have mutually agreed to amicably dissolve our marriage,' they concurrently shared on Instagram.

The statement concluded by asserting that although there may exist various speculative explanations concerning the motives underlying this decision, it is indeed a unanimous resolution. Consequently, we sincerely implore everyone to honor our wish for privacy, not only for ourselves but also for our children.

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