Kourtney Kardashian is supporting Landon Barker as he follows in the footsteps of his father, Travis Barker. On Sunday, Landon offered a sneak peek of his brand-new song, "Friends with Your Ex," along with a cute music video featuring his stepmom.

Lip-synced The Song!

Stepson Landon Barker And Kourtney Kardashian lip-Sync Video!
(Lip-synced the song!/Image Credits:Yahoo Sports)

The reality star laughed as she tried to keep up as the two lip-synced to the song while grinning. As things picked into speed, Kardashian, 44, and Landon, 19, wrapped up their performance with a difficult handshake.

When she appeared in one of Landon Barker, 19,'s most recent TikTok videos to support the release of his new song, "Friends With Your Ex," Kourtney Kardashian, 44, appeared to be having a wonderful time with him. The couple smiled, flashing their casual attire and lip-synced to the song. While wearing a red sleeveless top, Landon contrasted Kourtney's black Betty Boop T-shirt.

Landon's fans responded to the post in large numbers, and all seemed to like the video. Regarding a scene in the video, one fan said, "The handshake is everything."Another fan said, "Kourt looks so good!" And a third described her as the coolest stepmom ever.

The New Video Is Out!

After Kourtney, married to Landon's father, Travis Barker, made headlines for needing an urgent fetal surgery to preserve her and the rock star's newborn child, the couple released a new video. Travis was travelling with Blink-182 and had to fly from Europe to Los Angeles, CA, because of the terrifying circumstances.  

The group announced earlier this month on Twitter that Travis had to return to the United States due to an important family emergency. "The performances in Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin have been cancelled. His return to Europe and the revised dates will be announced as soon as additional details are known.

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Kourtney and Travis's relationship!

Last year, Travis, 47, and Kardashian were married (several times). The first occurred early in the morning on April 4, 2022, at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, replete with an Elvis Presley lookalike, following the 2022 Grammy Awards. For the ceremony, the couple did not, however, have a marriage license.

A couple expecting a fourth child!

A couple expecting a fourth child!
(A couple expecting a fourth child!/Image Credits:AmoMama)

Kourtney posted a black and white photo of her and Travis holding hands in the hospital on Instagram on September 6 and captioned it with a message of thanks. Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, 8, are the children Kourtney had with her ex Scott Disick. "I will always be grateful to my wonderful doctors for saving our child's life.  

My rock, my husband, who came running from his tour to be at my side in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, has my lifelong gratitude. And I want to thank my mother for being there for me at this difficult time.

I wasn't ready for the anxiety of going into urgent fetal surgery because I've had three fairly uncomplicated pregnancies in the past, the mother of three added. Nobody who hasn't experienced something comparable can even begin to comprehend that sensation of terror. 

I now completely understand and admire the mothers who have had to battle for their unborn children when they were still in the womb. God is to be praised. The greatest blessing was leaving the hospital with my baby son still inside of me and secure.