Taylor Sheridan's New Show: Big Names Who Are Part Of The Cast
(Taylor Sheridan's New Show: Big Names Who Are Part Of The Cast/ImageCredits:POPSUGAR)

After releasing hit shows for years, Taylor Sheridan is back again with another mind blowing show featuring celebrities with years of experience under their belt. 

Despite the news of Yellowstone ending, Sheridan’s new series Special Ops: Lioness (formally known as Lioness) took the film industry by storm.

The movie premiered sometime in summer and to say it received a big welcome would just be downplaying our excitement. The story of the movie centers around a CIA subgroup, the Lioness Engagement Team, who aims to tear down a dangerous terrorist organization that always seems to be one step ahead. And though the storyline may sound a bit cliche like something you've probably seen, the execution is anything but that.

Once you begin the movie, you'll get so reeled in that you won't be able to seat tight until you know what happens in the next episode. 

Apart from the show's incredible storyline, the cast is so star studded that you just know the movie is going to be good. 

The movie currently has one of the most decorated casts you've ever seen. (We're honestly not sure how our eyes will contain this much talent.) Between the likes of Zoe Saldaña, Nicole Kidman, and Morgan Freeman—we know we're in good hands. But these are just three of the names in this talented roster of actors. Read on to meet the complete Special Ops: Lioness cast and get to know the characters before getting your popcorn to binge the movie of a lifetime.

Zoe Saldaña As Joe

Zoe Saldaña As Joe
(Zoe Saldaña As Joe/Image Credits: Town & Country Magazine)

Zoe Saldaña in the movie plays joe the station chief for the CIA's Lioness program. She is smart, strong and dedicated to bringing down the bad guys. She heads a group of strong, clever women in the force who aim to take down organized terrorists. There's not much you'll be able to get past her, so don't even try!

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Salnada doesn't need any introduction for you to know how good she is. She has starred in a lot of Hollywood hit movies including Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies and director James Cameron's ongoing Avatar franchise.

Nicole Kidman As Kaitlyn Meade

Nicole Kidman As Kaitlyn Meade
(Nicole Kidman As Kaitlyn Meade/Image Credits: The Cinemaholic)

Nicole will be acting as Kaitlyn Meade a CIA senior supervisor who is cunning and smart at the same time. She knows exactly what cards to play and when to play them to get the high-ranking position she currently has. 

But don't mistake this for weakness or foul play because Kaitlyn does not entertain tricks she showcases her ingenious tactics boldly and proudly. Kidman is a Hollywood native and red-carpet regular. She's had many acclaimed movie roles, such as her leading role in The Hours,for which she won an Oscar in 2003.

Morgan Freeman As Edwin Mullins

Morgan Freeman As Edwin Mullins
(Morgan Freeman As Edwin Mullins/Image Credits: The US Sun)

Morgan Freeman stars in the movie as Edwin Mullins. His role in the show is straight to the point: U.S. Secretary of State. 

Seeing the description of the role you just know that there is no one out there that can pull off a role like this better than Freeman. Having been in Hollywood long before some of us were born, Freeman has starred in various hit movies over the years including A Good Person and The Minute You Wake Up Dead.

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Laysla De Oliveira As Cruz Manuelos

Laysla De Oliveira As Cruz Manuelos
Dave Annable As Neil/ImageCredits:Deadline)

De Oliveira will play Cruz Manuelos, an ex-Marine and the newest member of the CIA's Lioness squad. She has the biggest role in taking down the crime organization and may have to risk her life to complete the mission. In the movie Cruz has a really short temper, but her passion for justice makes her good at her job.

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De Oliveira has a few projects already under her belt, such as the Netflix series Locke & Key, and films like In the Tall Grass and Guest of Honour.

Dave Annable As Neil

Dave Annable As Neil
Laysla De Oliveira As Cruz Manuelos/Image Credits: TV Insider)

Annable plays Neil, Joe's husband who is the chief of the CIA. The pair have a lovely family with two daughters and add a bit of romance all through the movie. 

Bassem Youssef As Amrohi

Bassem Youssef As Amrohi
Dave Bassem Youssef As Amrohi/Image Credits: Variety)

Youssef takes on the role of billionaire Amrohi, the bad guy in the movie that the CIA is working their butts off to catch. Amrohi in the beginning of the movie looks like a typical billionaire with the world at his feet but he's hiding some serious and dark secrets. It's no wonder the CIA is after him. The lioness series is Bassem Youssef first big acting gig and he sure portrayed his role excellently. 

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