From The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa Giudice To Prison And Back
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Teresa Giudice is an American actress, who was born in 1972 in New Jersey. Along with her younger brother joey. They were raised in the Roman Catholic faith. Moreover, she studied fashion marketing and graduated from Berkeley College.Since season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has been a cast member and till season 8 she was the last remaining member. However, when she was starring in her series, she also co-authored three successful cookbooks which include recipes. In 2017, when her sixth book standing Strong was released, she was revoking her time in prison. 

In July 2013, Teresa Giudice and Joe Guidice were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud. From 2004 to 2008, Joe was charged with failing to file tax returns. However, at that time he earned nearly $1 million. He allegedly uses his marriage and birth certificate to obtain a driving licence belonging to his brother. In 2010, his own driving licence was suspended for twelve months after he was convicted. Hence, for twenty days he was sentenced to community service. In 2014, Teresa Giudice and Joe by following a deal struck with federal prosecutors. However, they entered into a guilty plea to forty-one counts.Along with this, this couple was also accused of engaging in bank, wire, mail, and fraud. Through this, their net worth has increased by more than $5 million dollars over a period of time.

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In 2014, Teresa Giudice was locked in federal prison for 15 months. Along with her joe was also sentenced to prison for 41 months. However, they also paid $414,000 in restitution. Hence, only one parent was allowed to stay with their children.  In 2015, Teresa began first and she surrendered herself to the federal correctional institution. However, in 2015, she was released two months before according to the agreement. 

From The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa Giudice To Prison And Back
(From The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Teresa Giudice To Prison And Back /Image Credits: Global News)

In 2014, she filed a $5 million lawsuit against her bankruptcy lawyer James Kridel for refusing to meet with her before filing bankruptcy documents. In 2018, it was announced that from 2009, the case had been dismissed. However, Teresa had to pay the restitution to the New Jersey State Department.In 2015, she was released from prison after being locked up for 11 months for fraud. While her husband along with her daughter moved to Montville.In December 2019, after 20 years of marriage, this couple broke up. Teresa Giudice announced that she filed for divorce in 2020 after a few months. However, it has been finalised. In 2021, Teresa Guidice started dating Luis ruelas. Hence, they engaged in October. Moreover, the couple officially tied the knot in August.

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In 2012, she also starred in a movie called Celebrity Apprentice. However, she appeared in 14 episodes. In 2015, she did film and television roles like Teresa Checks, she played herself and appeared in 3 episodes. No doubt, she has done several films in her professional journey. Before being locked in prison she did these fantastic films. However, she also did films from 2017 to 2021 when she came out.Along with this, she has also won several awards throughout her journey. Moreover, she also received the Nobel Prize for her humanitarian work. Hence, she refused to take the prize which was $192,000, and asked them to donate it to the poor.Thus, this was all about Teresa Giudice and her journey from The Real Housewives of New Jersey to prison. And then back after 12 months.

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