Ice Ice Baby – A Pop Era

Ice Ice Baby – A Pop Era
(Ice Ice Baby – A Pop Era/ Image Credits:Tuko)

Before we have a look at rapper’s real estate journey, let’s see how he rose from rapper to real estate tycoon. Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla was born in Miami Florida, in 1967 and adopted Vanilla as his stage name. His debut album, 'To the Extreme' was a hit and the song 'Ice Ice Baby' was loved by millions of his fans helping him achieve the success.

The 90's era was the most iconic era for music singers. Pop culture was being introduced, rap songs were gaining popularity and Vanilla’s 'Ice Ice Baby' was an immediate hit making rappers gain fame and popularity overnight.

Getting Accused For Copying Songs 

Just like every artist faces challenges and criticism when he becomes popular and recognized by his fans and followers, same was the case with Vanilla. He was accused of imitating and copying songs of Queen and David Bowie’s 'Under Pressure' in one of his singles that got quite a hit.

Another album, ‘Extremely Live’ did not get the same response as his previous albums. He faced these challenges in the early start of his career where people started assuming that he is not a talented rapper/singer and is only a one-hit sensation.

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From Rapper To Reality Star

From Rapper To Reality Star
(From Rapper To Reality Star/ Image Credits: Google Play)

This made Vanilla think of adopting some new venture, so he started a business of tossing houses. This new venture allowed him to articulate new designs and ideas for construction. He was so amazing with his work and creativity that his first project was documented in the DIY Network’s series, named ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’. The show displayed insights about his ideas and expertise for renovating and rebuilding the properties.

The show was a huge success and several seasons of the show were telecasted as the followers started increasing thus giving a positive shift to TRPs. People started getting ideas how Vanilla bought old fashioned houses and transformed them into contemporary and splendid homes. His methodology of refurbishing homes and reconstructing them from scratch was loved and viewed by a number of people.

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Pitching Into Residential To Commercial Properties

The show’s popularity helped him get recognition thus making him a real estate expert. After diving into the residential properties, he tried his luck and time investing in commercial properties. He started remodeling shopping plazas, offices and other commercial spaces. His love and commitment for real estate properties was impeccable and in a short span of time he became a prominent person to get in contact with regarding any sort of real estate problems.  

Vanilla was lucky enough that he was getting famous for his new business. He even started giving workshops and conducted seminars sharing his experience and proficiency in his field. The events helped him attract interested and aspiring investors who were keen to learn from him and implement his ideas and techniques in their businesses. Thus, Vanilla’s real life inspiring story from a rapper to real estate tycoon was applauded and inspired many others.

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A Remarkable Journey For Vanilla

Singer’s entry in to the real estate journey has been a success up till now. In the process of his entrepreneurship and exploration of realty star is incredible. Vanilla’s business skills and mind has helped him dig in to the new prospect. If we look at his whole journey he has to be appreciated. Vanilla did not even know that one day he will be loved and admired for his skills he did not even know he possess. Choosing a new career path after saying goodbye to singing and excelling in that career is remarkable.  

Vanilla’s story is an inspiration and reminder for the younger generation. As we look back on his real estate journey, we see the transformation of a rap artist and a pop icon transforming himself into a learned reality star, thus proving that if you want to achieve something with all your heart, success will follow you.