How Fences Star Viola Davis Took On Hollywood: From Poverty To Oscar Gold!
(How Fences Star Viola Davis Took On Hollywood: From Poverty To Oscar Gold!/ImageCredits:New York Daily News)

Viola was born on 11 August 1965 in a one-room shack on a former plantation in South Carolina. Her home lacked necessities like electricity and running water. Her mother was a maid and factory worker while her father worked as a horse trainer. She was one of the six siblings and Voila was a bright student and determined to make her life better. 

Her life is marked with hardships but her tenacity and determination in the face of adversity planted the seeds for the extraordinary achievements that she would garner later. She was honored with steadfast dedication and her pathway to success was carved at the Juilliard school.

Voila does not hide her childhood, she says,  “I was the kind of poor where I knew right away I had less than everyone around me,” she added, “We had nothing.” she reflected on her success and expressed, “‘I cannot believe my life,'” she says. “I just can’t. I’m so blessed.”

Her sister Deloris Grant says about her, "Viola has a creative mind, so we always escape with stories, little plays, and shows, " she added, "She was able to take us away from any pain or suffering or depression."

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How Fences Star Viola Davis Took On Hollywood: From Poverty To Oscar Gold!
(How Fences Star Viola Davis Took On Hollywood: From Poverty To Oscar Gold!/ImageCredits:Britannica)

Viola gained fame when her performances earned her various accolades including two Tony Awards. For her stirring performance in "Fences' ' she became the first African-American actress to be nominated for three Academy Awards. Voila took advantage of her platform, she is an active advocate of gender and racial equality in Hollywood. Her earnest speeches including her memorable declaration of "exhuming and exalting", the story of the people of color. have encouraged crucial conversations around representation. Her passion for acting originated when she saw Cicely Tyson in "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman." Then she realized that acting could be a platform to create change and the power of storytelling.  As a black actress, she faced discrimination and limited opportunities. Voila was often offered roles as the stereotypical "angry Black woman" or "sassy best friend." She chose roles that showed the complexities of the human experience, challenged her being an actress and refused to be pigeonholed.  

When she starred in the film "Doubt" that was her breakthrough role. The role that earned her Academy Award was of a mother who confronts the priest at her son's school. She won a Tony Award in 2011 for her role in the Broadway play "Fences". For her performance in the TV series " How to Get Away with Murder," she won an Emmy Award and a second Oscar for her performance in the film "Fences". 

Viola Davis's journey in Hollywood and becoming a leading lady is remarkable. Her dedication, talent, and perseverance earned fame, respect, and admiration from fans and her peers. Her journey from poverty to Hollywood is the perfect example of dedication and determination. She proved that with positivity and hard work anything is possible and you can overcome every hardship to achieve your dreams. 

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