Alicia Keys' Favorite Shoes: The Brands And Styles She Loves To Wear
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Alicia Keys best known for her hit song No one is definitely going down in history as a musical icon. From her first days of fame to her rise in the entertainment industry, Keys has both slayed lyrically and fashionably.

In her recent tour that began in the middle of the year, the singer expressed her fashionable style by working with stylist Anna Trevelyan, who helped her to tap into a new fashion mood for the tour, while still feeling authentically herself. 

In an interview with Vogue on her style and the brands she loves to wear Keys stated “I have such an androgynous energy—it’s both masculine and feminine—and I really wanted to bring that energy to the forefront, I wanted to bring a mixture. I love that it’s also very colorful and bright: It really captures my spirit and the summer.” 

On her stage performances Keys showed up on custom creations from labels such as Valentino, Pucci, GCDS, Monot, and Self-Portrait. “I love all of the different vibes of the designers,” says Keys. “I love that each [look] has its own personality; you can see that each designer thought specifically of me. I’m also wearing some pieces that haven’t even walked the runway yet!’

Speaking on her favourite clothing brand, she added “I love the Pucci [outfits]; I love that they’re very colorful, and how the fabric glows,” she says. (One look—with a cape, top, and pants—is made of reflective material.) Another highlight is the custom Valentino creation, also complete with a dramatic cape coat. “It feels quite elegant and chic,” says Keys. “I love the drama of the cape, and the beading. I have these stairs that I walk down, and the way that it falls down the stairs is so incredible.” 

According to Keys, what she wears can meaningfully impact how she shows up before an audience. “I see fashion as performance,” she says. “Fashion is art—it’s a beautiful expression of who you are, and who you’re going to transform into.”

Apart from rocking beautiful clothing lines, Keys also has a deep love for sneakers so much so that she has a favourite brand.

What is Alicia Key’s Favourite Shoe Brand?

Alicia Keys' Favorite Shoes: The Brands And Styles She Loves To Wear
(What is Alicia Key’s Favourite Shoe Brand?/ImageCredits:Trendencias Lifestyle)

Keys has been a big fan of sneakers and speciafically Reebok shoe brand that in. 2012, she teamed up with Reebok to launch a signature limited edition collection for the classic brand.

According to the press release, "Working with Reebok felt like a natural fit for me," says Keys. "I've been a fan of the brand ever since I can remember. My 5411s - that was what we called the Freestyle because they were $54.11 including tax in NYC - were practically glued to my feet in my pre-teens and teens. I loved rocking a hi-top!"

She goes on to say, "I started wearing Freestyles when I was a kid. The 5411s were my first pair and they take me back to a totally carefree time. The silhouette was so respected on the streets and I love the fact it still is today. The Classic Nylon Slim has such a good shape, definitely my favorite low-silhouette. The 5411s defined my look back in the day and have endured to be just as fresh now as they were then. But my new favorite is the Double Bubble!!! I am in love with those!"

Since the release of the interview, Keys has been vocal about her love for sneakers and continues to rock her favourite shoe brand even up till now and you can see her slaying constantly on the streets of New York with them.

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