Madonna's Best Live Performances
(Madonna's Best Live Performances/Image Credits: WPLG Local 10)

Madonna has had her period as she had everything to gain the attention of the audience. Some of her best performances are still remembered and celebrated even today because they are simply unforgettable. Even though she’s become old and these days it was in the news that she isn’t doing quite well regarding her health. She was admitted to the hospital and was taken to the ICU because of an infection that was to be treated over there. However, Madonna is undoubtedly the queen of melody. The pop singer knows all the secrets to be on the top. She has an undeniable vibe, an aura, an energy, and an exceptional personality overall. 

While most of her fans are remembering her while celebrating her 65th birthday, Madonna is still remembered for some of her best performances that are never to be forgotten. She is a queen for a reason and her energy is undeniable. She’s recently announced to have a tour where she would be celebrating her ever-famous performances with her fans. The fans were informed that while she would be touring her past performances, she would also revisit some of her famous costumes that became a symbol of her personality. Let’s have a look at some of her best performances which turned her career and made her Madonna. 

  • The Virgin Tour - 1985 happened at Madison Square and was a hit show. 
  • Who is that girl - In 1987 was famous for her pop songs. 
  • Blond Ambition Tour - 1990 got hits for pop songs. 
  • The Girlie Show - 1993 took place at Madison Square and is still remembered even today. 
  • Drowned World Tour - 2001 took place in North America and got the hearts of millions. 
  • MTV Video Music Award - 2003 where she did the opening of the award show. 
  • Reinvention World Tour - 2004 was one of the best performances she gave in her career. 
  • Confession tour - 2006 where she seemed to enjoy most of her pop songs. It took place in Tokyo. 
  • Sticky and Sweet Tour - 2009 was an amazing show with some of her recent hits of the season. 
  • Super Bowl halftime show - 2012 took place at an oil stadium and was joined by many. 
  • Rebel Heart Tour - 2015 where she gave an onstage performance and won many hearts. 
  • Hilary Clinton - 2016 took place in Washington near Square Park and was attended by many. 
  • The Met Gala - 2018 
  • Pride Island - 2019 which took place in New York was a hit show with thousands of her fans.

Madonna's Best Live Performances
(Madonna's Best Live Performances/Image Credits: NME)

These were some of the best performances that Madonna has given to her fans during all these active years of her life. Even though she’s in her late 60’s she has announced to redo her famous and hit performances to recall it with her fans while celebrating her 65th birthday this year. All of these performances are still adored by millions of her fans and many of them are awaited to join the celebration of her birthday.

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