A clip roaming around

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(/Image Credits: Time)

The internet bustles when the clip comes out after the Met Gala 2014, showing  Solange how she is striking Jay in an escalator, There are more unusual events that come out in some reports of Beyonce’s young sister.

An awful incident at the Hotel

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(An awful incident at the Hotel/Image Credits: Billboard)

There is another incident, was recorded that happened on 5th May after the gala event at the Standard Hotel. The clip shows four people apparently Beyonce, Jay, Solange,  and a bodyguard getting onto the escalator before the annoying lady, who professes to be Solange, starts shouting at the honorable man supposed to be Jay before initiating an incursion.

Some accounts posted videos of the latest events of eccentric action of the 27-year-old lady circulated by TMZ on Monday.

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A night of event

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(A night of event/Image Credits: Page Six)

One of the famous stars Beyonce’s sister Solange at the Met Gala event night on Monday, and she conspicuous with a series of controversial apparel on that night.
The musician showed some unusual moments to a new degree when she was standing beside her popular sister for pictures at a flaring feast.

She surely made a courageous selection for her outfit remarkably prominent amidst the throng even though the outfit appeared as an awful selection.

She dressed herself in a craggy attire that seemed like a bluff, having lumps bug out of her dress material that had a two-piece a top and a trouser.

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Quarreled on the striking day

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(Quarreled on the striking day/Image Credits: E! Online)

A connection informs E-News that on the same night, the singer quarreled with the designer on the same striking show.

Before the escalator drama, a source claimed that Solange and Rachel hooked into a dispute.

All snaps deleted

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(All snaps deleted/Image Credits: E! Online)

Another awful moment happened to Knowles, her very close friends deleted all the snaps from her Instagram account except the only snap of her sister Beyonce

The only snap that was seen on her account was with her big sister and a friend posing with each other with the caption Girls night.

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Called off European travelling

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(Called off European travelling/Image Credits: Surface Mag)

She called off her European journey in August 2013 for her mental comfort and physical health. She mentioned on her social site that she was not happy with this decision and that she could not put all her words in one statement.
But this decision was necessary for her physical and mental peace as she recently moved to a new world, and her boy began his early days in school. Also, she is very busy in her scripts for her new songs so she had to make this choice for herself and to provide some time for her family.

Admitted to the hospital

Solange Knowles's Most Controversial Moments
(Admitted to the hospital/Image Credits: HipHopDX)

She was admitted to the hospital when she passed out at the airport when she was going to her home in February 2009 in New York. She has given medications for low blood pressure and dehydration.