Sword And Sandals Genre

Sword and Sandals Genre
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Multiple movies have been shot under this specific genre of sword and sandals since the film making has been supported by the makers as well as the viewers. Though the visible dominance period of this genre debuted in the 1960s. Spartacus and Ben-Hur are the key players in boosting the levels of appreciation and acknowledgement regarding this genre. Ridley Scott has given his blood and sweat in growing up the strong and wide viewer base for this genre in the huge world of entertainment. The 2000s was the time for Scott to be titled as the tremendous creator for doing wonders in his medium of interest. The new creation was launched and the art of film making rocked the platform in and out the industry. There was no looking back for each of the individuals associated with this masterpiece of the century. Hats off to Scott for his consistent hard work, determination and motivation.

Launch Of Gladiator

No one has any idea about what a masterpiece was in making unless it hits the big screen of cinema. The launch of Gladiator was a bang in a smooth run of new ventures presented for the entertainment of the masses. Though it was not an overall new idea to display the storyline involving art of sword and sandal, the flavor in this specific film was so unique that it managed to attract a huge number of audience to the cinematic screen. The film and the people associated with it got so busy gathering fame and counting revenues. This film was a win-win for everyone. The true reflection of the film is receiving an Academy Award for being the best picture. The success story of Gladiator came up as an inspiration for numerous filmmakers who were reluctant to play around in this genre. The game has been changed!

Gladiator - An Iron Man

Gladiator - An Iron Man
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The film is staged in the era of 180 AD displaying on the screens Marcus Aurelius a Roman Emperor who has been known as the most thoughtful soul of his times. An extremely talented actor Richard Harris playing Marcus in the film depicted the true character of the emperor showing immense empathy, love and care for his people. This approach of the emperor led him to the stature where he was praised and passionately acknowledged by his people for his strong political awareness and strategic skills while taking the decisions in their interest and welfare. Maximus was the one as a friend and an ally whom Marcus can rely undoubtedly to carry on his legacy in the best interest of his people. To put it officially for the masses to be informed about his decision he announced Maximus as his successor. This proved to be a new beginning of a lethal game of thrones.

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Commodus - Playing The Dirty Game

The historic moment was witnessed by the world when Commodus the son of Marcus set the most brutal stage and played the dirtiest game. Commodus was never the one his father has ever trusted upon, in fact his ruthless nature has always disappointed the emperor and he was very clear in his mind that the Romans can never be handed over to him to suffer due to his brutality. The decision for nominating Maximus as a successor was the product of this insecurity. The ruthless nature of Commodus did not even spare his father for taking this decision and he shocked the world with his father’s murder. This murder was attempted making sure that the throne was not taken by Maximus and immediately after his father’s burial he announced himself as the next emperor demanding the loyalty from all the allies.

Maximus Cum Gladiator

Maximus cum Gladiator
( Gladiator - An Iron Man /Image Credits: Prime Video: Gladiator )

The orders were floated for the arrest of Maximus for not following his demand and being the most inevitable threat to his throne. The fighter was forced to play in the game of death which he resisted but later became the talk of the town as he emerged as the ultimate winner - The Gladiator. Commodus insecurity brought him into the play as well and the most watched fight between the two ended up with yet another win in the Maximus sleeve. Maximus could also not live through the lethal injuries and rushed to meet his family in life thereafter. Though the departure was sad but the reforms he announced for the people were talked about even today.

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