The Moments, In The History Of Hollywood: 6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Will Leave You In Awe
(The Moments, In The History Of Hollywood: 6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Will Leave You In Awe /ImageCredits:Quora)

Movies have a way of speaking to our hearts and souls captivating us deeply that any doubts we may have about investing ourselves completely in the story fade away. We willingly surrender ourselves to the power of movies.

Some of the moments in cinema are those that stir up intense tension and suspense, the kind of feelings most people are fortunate enough to never experience in real life.

No Country For Old Men - A Coin Flip

No Country For Old Men - A Coin Flip
(No Country For Old Men - A Coin Flipe /ImageCredits: Ontopwiki)

In "No Country For Old Men " there's a scene where the gas station owner is confronted by Anton Chigurh, a hitman who asks him to call the outcome of a coin flip without revealing what's at stake. The gas station owner finds this request unusual, even unsettling. He pretends not to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Both he and the audience understand what's happening without needing explicit explanation. The true brilliance of this scene lies not in the coin toss that determines the fate of the person but rather, in the anticipation leading up to it.

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Children of Men – The One Shot Escape Sequence

Children of Men – The One Shot Escape Sequence
(Children of Men – The One Shot Escape Sequence/ImageCredits: BitChute)

In movies action scenes serve as a means of escapism. They provide the audience with a break from the plot and build up allowing them to simply witness everything unfold in a thrilling climax.

However this is not the case in the escape sequence of "Children of Men" In this scene our protagonists find themselves thrust into the midst of a rebellion without any weapons and still burdened by their tasks and concerns. They are not actively participating in an action sequence to settle scores; rather they are inadvertently caught up in someone's situation putting themselves at great risk of becoming victims.

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Back To The Future – Sending Marty Back Home

Back To The Future – Sending Marty Back Home
(Back To The Future – Sending Marty Back Home/ImageCredits: Columbia Pike Partnership)

It may seem trivial to worry about the outcome of a movie like "Back to the Future " doesn't it? All it's just your summer blockbuster film, where you can generally expect our characters to triumph against all odds.

However what sets apart "Back to the Futures" finale is how it is filmed and presented. The way it is shot and sequenced creates an element of uncertainty that prevents it from feeling like a conclusion. From the moment Marty realizes he's running late for the meeting it seems like everything that could possibly go awry with his and Doc Brown's plan actually does. As that memorable heart pounding soundtrack fills the air we're left in disbelief as one disaster unfolds after another. Considering that this film revolves around the concept of time it's fitting that it keeps us on the edge of our seats.

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Marathon Man - "Is it Safe?"

Marathon Man -
(Marathon Man - "Is it Safe?"/ImageCredits: YouTube )

There's never a moment, in movies when it comes to torture scenes. No one leaves the theater saying, "Oh, that scene with the bamboo poles under the fingernails was hilarious!" However most torture sequences in movies allow the audience to understand whats going on. Whether we witness our heroes using torture to gather information or being tortured themselves to protect something we can least relate and feel connected to the characters.

The famous torture scene in Marathon Man takes a approach. By the time Thomas Levy faces Dr. Szell and finds himself tied to a dentist chair with Szell asking, "Is it safe?" we as viewers know that Szell is referring to a bundle of diamonds. Levy remains clueless. As we watch this scene unfold there's an urge within us to shout at the screen and let Levy know what's happening so he can end his suffering.

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Jurassic Park – Raptors In The Kitchen

Jurassic Park – Raptors In The Kitchen
(Jurassic Park – Raptors In The Kitchen/ImageCredits:YouTube)

While Jurassic Park may not have depicted velociraptors accurately (their physical characteristics are actually closer to those of Dromaeosauridae) there's no denying that they became the stars of the movie. When we were kids most of us feared dinosaurs. We imagined facing an unbeatable creature.. The velociraptors showed us that the real danger lies in a pack of hunters who are as clever as they are fast. It's a fear that really hits home in the scene where Lex and Tim find themselves face to face with two raptors while trapped in a kitchen. It plays out like those moments we often see in horror movies with stalkers and their victims. What sets it apart and makes it so nerve wracking is Spielberg's choice not to hide the pursuers (as is typical in scenes). Rather to highlight the claustrophobic environment and the limited options for escape.

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Sicario – Border Crossing

Sicario – Border Crossing
(Sicario – Border Crossing/ImageCredits:Picture Lock)

It's unfortunate that Sicario didn't receive attention when it came out in 2015. Due to a marketing campaign and limited release many people missed out on discovering this film—a gripping tale about agents trying to combat a drug war spreading across the Mexican border into America. In fact it stands as one of the captivating works of its kind since Traffic in 2000.

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Full Metal Jacket – The Sniper

Full Metal Jacket – The Sniper
(Full Metal Jacket – The Sniper /ImageCredits:Rate Your Music)

Full Metal Jacket deserves its recognition, for its gripping first half. R. Lee Ermey's captivating portrayal of Sgt. Hartman makes the marine training camp depiction a benchmark for the genre. While Full Metal Jacket didn't pioneer the concept of a drill sergeant and the impact of their discipline it excelled in illustrating that the horrors of war commence before soldiers set foot on the battlefield.

However the intense sequence in the film unfolds towards its conclusion as a group of soldiers encounters a sniper in an abandoned section of a Vietnamese jungle town. The sniper's presence becomes apparent when one of their comrades is shot in the neck leading them into a cat and mouse game, with this lone marksman. Few war movies have ever portrayed how a single sniper can effectively immobilize and torment a group of soldiers convincingly as this one does. Each decision made by our heroes feels like a choice while each step they take appears perilous and potentially fatal.

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