Seeking out some hilarious films to view? Consider checking out movies featuring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. These two funnymen have fantastic on-screen chemistry, always delivering memorable jokes and scenes. Whether playing best pals, rivals and partners in shenanigans, they never fail to make audiences crack up with their witty banter and zany antics.

We are listing all the films Hart and Wahlberg have made together and provide a short review of each one. We will also share details on the cast, director, release date, runtime, IMDb rating, revenue, language and release platform for every movie. Get ready for a fun cinematic experience bursting with laughter courtesy of these Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg collaborations.

List of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg Movies

So far there is only one film featuring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg together - Me Time, released on Netflix in 2022. However, rumors indicate the duo may partner up again soon, as both have voiced interest in working together more. Below is a table for their one joint movie so far.

Sr. No. Movie Name IMDb Rating
1 Me Time (2022) 5.1

Me Time (2022)

Me Time (2022)
(Me Time (2022)/Image Credits:Justdial)
  • Lead actors: Kevin Hart (Sonny Fisher), Mark Wahlberg (Huck Dembo)
  • Supporting actors: Regina Hall (Maya Fisher), Luis Gerardo Méndez (Armando Zavala), Jimmy O. Yang (Alan Geller), John Amos (Pops Fisher), Anna Maria Horsford (Momma Fisher)
  • Director: John Hamburg
  • Release date: August 26, 2022
  • Run time: 101 minutes
  • IMDb rating: 5.1/10
  • Revenue: N/A
  • Language: English
  • Release platform: Netflix

The Story

Me Time centers on devoted stay-at-home father Sonny Fisher who dedicates all his time to his kids while his wife Maya is a successful lawyer working long hours. Sonny feels bored and restless with his routine existence. He is also insecure and envious of his wife's thriving career and attractive boss. One day, Sonny's wild bachelor buddy Huck Dembo calls, inviting Sonny on an adventure-filled birthday weekend promising long-awaited "me time." Sonny accepts and hopes to enjoy his first break in years. But he soon realizes Huck's idea of fun is not what he expected. They encounter various mishaps like a mountain lion attack, loan shark run-in, mansion break-in and a surprise family visit. Sonny and Huck have to rely on each other to endure their ordeal while rediscovering their friendship and themselves.

Trailer and Release

The official trailer for Me Time debuted on 15 July 2022 on Netflix's YouTube channel. The preview showcases the plot, characters and some funny action-packed scenes. It features the theme song ‘Me Time’ performed by Hart and Wahlberg and has over 20 million views as of September 2022.

Trailer and Release
(Trailer and Release/Image Credits:YouTube)

Me Time launched on Netflix on 26 August 2022 forgoing a theatrical release. Netflix acquired distribution rights in June 2021 after an intense studio bidding war. It was originally slated for 2021 but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Main Cast

Main Cast
(Main Cast/Image Credits:Netflix)

Me Time stars comedy duo Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg as leads Sonny Fisher and Huck Dembo. Hart is a popular comedian and actor known for hits like Ride Along, Central Intelligence, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Night School and stand-up specials. Wahlberg is an acclaimed actor and producer who has appeared in films like Boogie Nights, The Departed, The Fighter, Ted, Transformers and the reality show Wahlburgers.

Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
(Supporting Cast /Image Credits:Sportskeeda)

The supporting players include:

  • Regina Hall plays Maya Fisher - Sonny's successful lawyer wife who is unaware of his jealousy. 
  • Luis Gerardo Méndez portrays Armando Zavala - Huck's arrogant billionaire client. 
  • Jimmy O. Yang is Alan Geller - a violent loan shark chasing the duo. 
  • John Amos and Anna Maria Horsford play Sonny's parents - his strict retired cop father Pops who dislikes Huck and his warm caring mother who supports Sonny and likes Huck. 

The supporting cast adds humor and conflict to the lead duo adventure.

Standout Moments

The movie contains many hilarious scenes highlighting the duo's humor which are:

  • Teenage Sonny and Huck performing dangerous bike stunts
  • Sonny fending off a mountain lion earning the nickname ‘Big Dog’
  • Sonny and Huck vandalizing Armando lavish mansion
  • The duo crashing Armando seaplane into a lake
  • Sonny and Huck rapping together at Huck party

There are also heartwarming scenes showing their bond like:

  • Sonny joining Huck feeling lonely at home
  • Sonny helping Huck after his campsite is torched
  • Sonny apologizing for judging Huck lifestyle
  • Sonny encouraging Huck rapping dreams


But the movie has some flaws which include:

  • Predictable and clichéd plot relying on tropes and stereotypes
  • Lack of originality and creativity in the jokes
  • Overuse of crude humor that may offend
  • Underdeveloped shallow characters
  • Poor critical and audience reviews


(Director/Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

Me Time is directed by John Hamburg known for films like Little Fockers, Why Him?, I Love You Man, Along Came Polly and Safe Men. This is his first time working with Kevin Hart or Mark Wahlberg.

Fan Reactions

Fan Reactions
(Fan Reactions/Image,JOE)

Based on the 32% Rotten Tomatoes audience score from over 1K ratings, fans had mostly negative reactions to Me Time. Many expressed disappointment saying it was not funny, original and entertaining. Critics focused on the plot, characters, jokes and chemistry between Hart and Wahlberg, feeling the stars have done better work before.


Me Time had an 80 million USD budget. As a Netflix exclusive, its revenue is not disclosed. But Netflix reported it was viewed by 59.2 million households in the first 3 days. But this does not mean they all watched it fully or enjoyed it.

Where to Watch

Me Time can be streamed on Netflix with a paid subscription, available in over 190 countries on smart TVs, phones, computers, tablets, consoles, etc. It can also be downloaded for offline viewing given sufficient storage space and internet connection.

Is It Worth Watching?

Whether Me Time is worthwhile depends on personal taste. Fans of Hart and Wahlberg's comedy may enjoy parts of it. But those seeking an original, fresh comedy with a strong plot and characters may be let down by the generally negative reviews. The R-rating for sexual content, language and drug use also limits the audience. Overall quality is subjective, but reviews suggest muted enthusiasm.

Closing Thoughts

If you are seeking a movie with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, consider giving Me Time a view. It is the only film pairing the duo so far but likely not the last given their dynamic on-screen chemistry. You can stream Me Time on Netflix and enjoy hilarious performances from these two funnymen playing off each other.
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Q: How many movies have Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg made together?

A: So far just one - Me Time (2022).

Q: What was their first movie together?

A: Me Time (2022) was the first movie featuring them together.

Q: Can you list the Hart/Wahlberg movies?

A: There is only one - Me Time (2022).

Q: What is their latest collaboration?

A: Me Time (2022) is their latest and only movie together so far.

Q: Are Hart and Wahlberg friends in real life?

A: Yes, they are good friends who admire each other and have fun working together.

Q: Which was most successful commercially?

A: As their only collaboration, Me Time takes that title though revenue data is limited.

Q: How is their on-screen chemistry?

A: They play off each other well creating laughs through banter and showcasing their bond.

Q: Have they won any joint awards?

A: No, Me Time received generally negative reviews and no accolades.

Q: Any upcoming movies with both of them?

A: None confirmed yet but rumors suggest possible future collaborations.

Q: What are the best scenes in their movie together?

A: Teenage bike stunts "Big Dog" mountain lion attack, mansion vandalism, seaplane crash and birthday rap performance.