Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Movies Together: A Hilarious Hollywood Pairing

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy stand out as two of Hollywood’s most talented and popular stars. Both have showcased their versatility across genres from comedy to drama to action earning acclaim for their work. When these two powerhouses team up on screen, they create an uproarious yet heartwarming blend of laughter and camaraderie highlighting their fantastic chemistry.
Let’s explore the Melissa McCarthy and Bullock movies together and briefly review each collaboration. We’ll also tackle common questions about their joint projects and personal bond. Whether you are a fan of these two brilliant performers looking for some fun and compelling movies, read on for the overview.

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List of Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Movies Together

If you are wondering what movies have Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy done together, then don’t worry as we have got your back.
Below is a table outlining the McCarthy and Bullock collaboration movies together along with their release year and IMDb rating

Sr. No

Movie Name

IMDb Rating


The Heat (2013)


The Heat (2013)

The Heat (2013)
(The Heat (2013)/Image Credits:CineMaterial)
  • Lead Actors: Sandra Bullock (Sarah Ashburn), Melissa McCarthy (Shannon Mullins)
  • Supporting Actors: Demián Bichir (Hale), Marlon Wayans (Levy), Michael Rapaport (Jason Mullins), Jane Curtin (Mrs. Mullins)
  • Director: Paul Feig
  • Release Date: 28 June 2013
  • Run Time: 117 min.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6
  • Revenue: $229.9M
  • Language: English
  • Release Platform: Theatrical release

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The Plot

The story follows an odd couple cop duo Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) who is a straight-laced FBI agent gunning for a promotion and Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) who is a foul-mouthed Boston officer with a penchant for chaos. This mismatched pair must join forces to apprehend a ruthless drug kingpin named Larkin who has been terrorizing Boston with a spree of murders and narcotics trafficking. But they must first overcome their clashing approaches and mutual distrust as they harbor decidedly different philosophies on law enforcement.

Ashburn favors an orthodox by-the-book approach relying on her intellect and professionalism but lacking in social graces or companionship. She frequently grates on colleagues with her arrogant and know-it-all attitude. Mullins opts for street smarts over regulations willing to eschew authority and protocol. She often comes to blows with fellow officers and suspects alike. Initially the two mix like oil and water relentlessly squabbling and locking horns.

Yet as they collaborate to crack the case, each woman gradually recognizes her preconceived notions of the other were misguided. They share many similarities like their passion for justice and wry sense of humor alongside facing prejudice in their male-dominated field. Eventually, they come to appreciate one another's strengths and shortcomings providing mutual support and partnership. This blossoming kinship helps them finally nail down the culprit and snag their perp.

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The Cast

The Cast
(The Cast/Image Credits:Cup of Moe ,Google Play)

The Heat boasts an impressive cast giving strong performances. Sandra Bullock plays the uptight Sarah Ashburn who learns to unwind with her partner. Bullock is acclaimed for versatile roles in genres like comedy, drama, romance, action and thriller. She won an Oscar for The Blind Side among other honors for films like Gravity, Miss Congeniality, Speed, Crash, The Proposal, Bird Box, Ocean's 8 and more. Bullock brings charm, wit and talent to Ashburn making her likable and relatable.

Melissa McCarthy plays Shannon Mullins (the foul-mouthed cop) who learns teamwork with her partner. McCarthy is known for comedic roles in film and TV like Bridesmaids, Spy, Ghostbusters, Tammy, Identity Thief, The Boss, Life of the Party, Mike & Molly, Gilmore Girls and more. She won an Emmy for Mike & Molly plus awards for Bridesmaids, Spy, Can You Ever Forgive Me? and more. McCarthy brings humor, vivacity and charisma to Mullins making her a hilarious badass.

The stellar supporting cast includes Demián Bichir as Hale - Ashburn boss, Marlon Wayans as Levy - Ashburn crush, Michael Rapaport as Jason Mullins - Shannon criminal brother, Jane Curtin as Mrs. Mullins - Shannon disapproving mom, Dan Bakkedahl as Craig - an antagonistic DEA agent, Tom Wilson as Captain Woods - Shannon boss, Taran Killam as Ashburn rival - Spoken Reasons as a dealer, Michael McDonald as a villain - Kaitlin Olson as Shannon sister and Tony Hale as a harassed club owner.

The Director

The Director
(The Director/Image Credits:Female First)

The Heat is directed by Paul Feig known for comedy films and shows like Bridesmaids, Spy, Ghostbusters, A Simple Favor, The Office, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development and more. Feig excels at crafting engaging stories with strong complex female characters. Feig has collaborated with Melissa McCarthy in several of his projects like Bridesmaids, Spy, Ghostbusters and The Heat. He has also worked with Sandra Bullock in the movie A Simple Favor where she played a cameo role as herself.  He brings his vision, style and humor to make The Heat an enjoyable film.

The Reception

The Heat was released on 28 June 2013 and received positive reviews and praise for its humor, action, plot and the chemistry and performances of Bullock and McCarthy. It was also a box office success grossing over $229 million worldwide on a $43 million budget. The film received award nominations including for Bullock and McCarthy performances and chemistry.

A Must-See Buddy Cop Comedy

The Heat is a film that will crack you up and warm your heart. It highlights Bullock and McCarthy comedic talents and wonderful rapport. It incorporates thrilling action and touching emotional moments revealing the characters' softer sides. Entertaining and heartwarming, The Heat is a must-see buddy cop comedy.

Parting Thoughts

McCarthy and Bullock stand among the most successful and cherished actors today. Both have showcased versatility and talent across genres yet are particularly renowned for comedic timing and skills. They generate a dynamic and hilarious duo entertaining and delighting audiences when paired up in cinema. Their films blend hilarity and poignancy highlighting the merit of friendship, teamwork and bravery.Be sure to check out McCarthy and Bullock's delightful joint movies for laughs, tears and cheers.


Q: Have McCarthy and Bullock acted together before?

A: Yes, in The Heat (2013).

Q: What was their first onscreen collaboration?

A: The Heat (2013).

Q: How many total films have they made together?

A: One - The Heat.

Q: What are the McCarthy/Bullock collaboration film titles?

A: The Heat (2013).

Q: Which was most successful commercially?

A: The Heat earning over $229.9 million globally.

Q: How is their onscreen chemistry?

A: Excellent - funny, warm and supportive with genuine rapport.

Q: Are McCarthy and Bullock friends offscreen?

A: Yes, close friends who met on The Heat set and stay in touch.

Q: Have they won joint awards?

A: Yes - People's Choice, Teen Choice for The Heat.

Q: Will they collaborate again?

A: No official plans but both are interested.

Q: Can you recommend their best joint films?

A: The Heat, Minions, Spy, Bridesmaids, Gravity and Miss Congeniality.