A successful thriller film is one that delivers a mind boggling plot twist that leaves the audience reeling after the credits roll. From Memento to Fight Club these are must see movies known for their twists. It's a find to come across a thriller without a twist. It's even rarer to stumble upon one that truly leaves you shocked. A plot twist, by definition, is something that takes you completely by surprise. Unfortunately often than not the audience can see it coming from a mile away.

'Fight Club' (1999)

Fight Club (1999)
(Fight Club (1999)/ Image Credits: Etsy)

The main character in this story is an office worker (played by Edward Norton) who attends support groups as a way to manage his emotions and combat his insomnia. His life takes a turn when he meets Marla (portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter) , another participant, in these support groups. However things take a twisted path when he befriends Tyler (played by Brad Pitt) leading him into a fight club and an elaborate soap making scheme. Together these two men spiral out of control. Find themselves entangled in a power struggle fueled by love.

Fight Club is considered one of the thrillers ever made known for its plot twists. Since its release it has sparked discussions, among audiences, about its message. Many fans may initially overlook the film's essence so watching it twice is essential. Fight Club is filled with placed Easter eggs and subtle hints that contribute to the impact of its twist. As a result the movie continues to captivate viewers today.

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'Se7en' (1995)

Se7en (1995)
(Se7en (1995)/ Image Credits: KinoCheck)

Director David Fincher's Se7en is a timeless crime thriller that needs no introduction. This acclaimed film follows Detective William Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) an disillusioned investigator, who teams up with his young partner, David Mills (portrayed by Brad Pitt). Together they embark on a pursuit of a killer who crafts meticulously staged crime scenes inspired by the seven deadly sins.

The twist, in this 1995 movie has become iconic in pop culture. It's hard to forget the moment when the infamous what's in the box line takes us on a turn towards the end. This unforgettable ending solidified Se7ens place in history as an impactful masterpiece. Fans will be thrilled to experience that excitement again with the highly anticipated 4k remaster of Fincher's Se7en.

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'Parasite' (2019)

Parasite (2019)
(Parasite (2019) / Image Credits: Le blog de Marvelll)

Parasite took the world by storm upon its release in 2019. Later made history at the Academy Awards. Directed by Bong Joon ho this black comedy thriller revolves around a family's schemes as they infiltrate a wealthy household by pretending to be skilled workers.

Midway, through the film something unexpected occurs that completely alters its course, narrative and even genre.

Parasite solidifies its position as one of the thrillers, with a twist offering a remarkable and unforgettable exploration of class dynamics and social inequality.

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In the movie Oldboy Oh Dae Su (played by Choi Min sik) a man struggling with alcoholism is abducted on a night in 1988. Wakes up in a peculiar hotel room without any windows. After enduring fifteen years in captivity Oh Dae Su is finally released. Now driven by his captor he sets out to find the person for his bizarre kidnapping and seeks revenge on his tormentor.

Oldboy delivers one of the intense and shockingly disturbing plot twists in thriller history. It leaves viewers gripping their seats and shielding their eyes as the story unfolds towards its conclusion. It's better to experience this film than discussing it too much.

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'The Prestige' (2006)

The Prestige (2006)
(The Prestige (2006)/ Image Credits: Brooklyn Film Fanatic)

Set in 19th century London, The Prestige revolves around Robert Angier (portrayed by Hugh Jackman) , his wife Julia McCullough (played by Piper Perabo) and Alfred Borden (depicted by Christian Bale) who are both friends and assistants to a magician. Their friendship turns into envy when Robert accuses Alfred of causing Julias demise during a performance. As they become acclaimed magicians themselves they engage in a rivalry, on stage each trying to outshine the other.

With two characters taking center stage The Prestige showcases an abundance of masculine bravado. Constantly clashing with each other these two magicians go to lengths to prove their superiority over one another.

Once the unexpected turn of events is unveiled it makes us ponder; Was all the effort truly worthwhile?

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'Gone Girl' (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)
(Gone Girl (2014)/ Image Credits: Behance)

On the occasion of his wedding anniversary Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck) reports his wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) as missing. As the police and media intensify their scrutiny Nicks claims of a marriage begin to crumble. His peculiar behavior and countless lies raise suspicions prompting questions; Did Nick Dunne actually kill his wife?

A gripping thriller revolving around a marriage; one individual goes missing while the other is left devastated.. Is he? Gone Girl introduces a duo of characters entangled in webs of deception and falsehoods presenting viewers with an ensemble of flawed personas. While some may anticipate the turn of events Gone Girl effectively captivates audiences by making them sympathize with the aspects within the film.

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