How Star Wars Changed The Lightsaber Design Of Ahsoka To Turn The Show Stunning?
(Star Wars Ahsoka Lightsaber Design Enhancement /Image Credits:CBR)

Ahsoka changed the titular role's plot for the series' lightsaber duels. Ahsoka Tano has struggled with the lightsabers since her animated debut of 'The Clone Wars' film in 2008. Once it became a fan-beloved role in 'Star Wars Rebels' and 'The Clone Wars', Ahsoka made her live-action entrance from 'The Mandalorian Season 2', which was played by Rosario Dawson, paving the way for her live-action series. 

Taking Ahsoka into the live-action scenario needed various practical adjustments. A Video clip from Rob Keyes of Screen Rant at D23 Destination features the props master of Ahsoka as Josh Roth, revealing the major adjustments, particularly how the lightsaber design of Ahsoka changed the way after doing the show of 'The Mandalorian' Season 2.

Josh Roth's Comments On The Design Of Ahsoka's Saber

Roth commented, 'The design of Ahsoka's sabre was essential. We'd to cut it down, and we'd work on it. It was challenging as we did not have at all the time. We have got the technical strengths to sustain the batteries within the hilts. Hence, we'd like to maintain Rosario's sleeve batteries for the first time, showcasing in Season 2. Now, we'd change that whenever we glanced at Rosario for her show at number one. Hence, we can work with my crew to generate a fully united sabre so she can do all the fighting and stunts.

How Star Wars Changed The Lightsaber Design Of Ahsoka To Turn The Show Stunning?
(Josh Roth's Comments On The Design Of Ahsoka's Saber /Image Credits:Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange)

As Roth describes, the lightsaber duels of Ahsoka would only have been thinkable with putting the batteries into the lightsaber grips. This is a change from 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 while keeping the batteries in the Dawson's sleeves. 

Without this change, the movements of Dawson would have been more constrained at Ahsoka, and the lightsaber duels of the show would not be as imposing as they seemed. Keep reading the latest and fascinating tales from to stay engaged with our daily pieces of stuff.

The Lightsaber Duels Of Ahsoka Have Shown The Best Choreography Of Star Wars

Ahsoka has already set itself apart from the 'Star Wars' live-action TV series from the quality and quantity of lightsaber duels. Many series have been in the limelight regarding the lightsaber action. It only marks four episodes in. Ahsoka has featured in numerous duels between Marrok and Ahsoka, Shin Hati and Sabine Wren or a duel between Baylan Skoll and Ahsoka. Part of making the lightsaber fight work is featuring the best 'Star Wars' choreography. 

The duels at Ahsoka balanced out various forms of the lightsaber action discovered throughout the years of 'Star Wars projects. The lightsaber fights of the original trilogy were more methodical and slower, turning the conflict on more emotion than the artistry. 

The spinoff trilogy generated the highly choreographed fights that have made the lightsaber combat look more fluid. In contrast, the sequel trilogy highlighted the lightsaber's weight and the physical ring in each duel. Ahsoka mixes all the effects with the duels, based on emotional stakes, featuring impressive fluid and choreography with grounded movements.