Sister Wives ‘Christine Brown’ Disses Her Ex-Husband, Kody Brown, On ‘Special Requirements’ To A Tribute To Fiancé, David Wooley
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Christine Brown is thankful to Davide Wooley when she got separated from her previous husband, Kody Brown. A 51-year-old, Christine, said on an Instagram post on September 11, 'It is nice to remain with someone who does not have any 'special demands' before we tried a knot'. 
She mentioned her snaps and 63-year-old David, rejoicing at the beginning of football season. Christine further commented, 'I love being cherished for just being who I'm. I love you, David Wooley solumates marriage blessed loveofmylife'. 

Christine, who spiritually tied the knot with 54-year-old Kody Brown in 1995, determined to end her marriage to the patriarch and moved to Utah in November 2021. She told the sources that she felt she had misplaced her voice in her family. 

She mentioned at the same time, 'Anytime we have made the most important decisions, I undergo through a time where I am like. Do my thoughts matter here? That is the time where we struggle often….is when I feel such as I do not have to say or I do not perceive a thought'.

Sisters Wives' Fans Know The 'Special Requirements' Of Kody Brown 

Fans of "Sister Wives" know about Kody's "special requirements" for his wives: modest clothing, no alcohol consumption, and the need for "sacred loneliness." These rules have been mentioned in the TLC series, and the women must adhere to them while he splits his time between them.

The idea of 'scared loneliness' was retreated to Christine over the most updated episode of 'Sister Wives', which was streamlined on September 10 and was filmed in December 2022. A 52-year-old, Meri, rejoiced Christmas Eve with 54-year-old Kody Brown and 44-year-old Robyn. Christine arrived at the vacation later and stayed for many days. 

She jested at the Season of 18th episode, 'Scared of loneliness? Like you are imagined to honour the fact that you are being lonely?' Christine quipped on Kody's part and later clarified the 'special demands' on her and 54-year-old Janelle since they were asked to participate in the family show that was not 'courted' like 44-year-old Robyn and 52-year-old Meri.

Christine And Kody Brown Shared A Son And Five Daughters

Sister Wives ‘Christine Brown’ Disses Her Ex-Husband, Kody Brown, On ‘Special Requirements’ To A Tribute To Fiancé, David Wooley
(Christine And Kody Brown Shared A Son And Five Daughters )/Image

Christine and Kody shared daughters, namely, 28, Aspen, 27, Mykelti, 21, Gwendolyn, 20, Ysabel and 3, Truly; and a son, 25, Paedon. Apart from his kids with Christine, Kody Brown shared an 11-year-old son, Solomon and a 7-year-old daughter, Ariella, with his wife, Robyn Brown and adopted three kids from his ex-marriage, as daughter Breanna, 19 and Aurora, 21 and son Dayton, 21. 

Kody Brown is also the father of six children: Logan, aged 29; Madison, aged 27; Hunter, aged 26; Garrison, aged 25; Gabriel, aged 21; and Savannah, aged 18, with his ex-Janelle Brown. Additionally, he shares a 27-year-old son named Leon with his ex-Meri Brown.

After filming the holiday episodes of Sister Wives, Janelle and Meri announced their respective separations from Kody. Janelle confirmed in December 2022 that she and Kody had been living apart for several months. In January 2023, Meri released a joint statement with Kody, revealing their decision to "permanently terminate" their marriage.  

Meanwhile, Christine declared her engagement to David in April before one year of dating. She said, 'David treats me as a queen and says I am beautiful daily. I've never remained in love like this before, and the whole universe appears like a happier place with him. I am excited about this wonderful journey we will engage in the rest of our lives.