Excitingly a group of bombshells are ready to make their entrance at the anticipated yearly event. This event will challenge the strength of the bonds that have been formed among the islanders. While we all hope that Bergie finds his match, Casa Amor will surely test couples like Marco and Hannah as well as Leo and Kassy. Get ready to meet these bombshells who are heading to Fiji!

Dasja Johnson

Dasja Johnson
(Dasja Johnson /Image Credits: Decider)
  • 27 year old
  • from Harrells, NC.
  • Occupation; Data Processing Specialist

Fun Facts; Dasja grew up with seven siblings. Was known as the most spirited one among them. Her journey as a cheerleader began in school. Continued throughout her education and even into professional sports. By day she works as a data processing specialist; by night she graces the floor as one of Charlotte Hornets cheerleaders after cheering for the Carolina Panthers. With her skills Dasja is always ready to uncover secrets about others. Struggles with trusting men due to past dating experiences lacking consistency. Her celebrity crush is Chris Brown.

Matia Marcantuoni

Matia Marcantuoni
(Matia Marcantuoni /Image Credits: We Got This Covered)
  • aged 29
  • from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession; Owner of a clothing brand

Trivia; During his younger years Matia had a knack for building PCs and even got drafted by the NHLs Pittsburgh Penguins at the tender age of 18. Unfortunately a shoulder injury curtailed his time in the NHL prompting Matia to shift gears into the fashion industry. Today he proudly showcases his clothing collections in department stores. Matias ultimate relationship inspiration comes from his parents who have remained happily together for over 35 years. Enough he harbors a fear of strawberries.

Johnnie Garcia

Johnnie Garcia
(Johnnie Garcia /Image Credits: We Got This Covered)
  • aged 25
  • from Whittier, CA
  • Profession; Administrative Manager

Interesting Trivia; Despite having Mexican, Filipino, Native American and German heritage within her family roots Johnnie primarily grew up immersing herself in Mexican traditions and celebrations. Her childhood home was often filled with chaos as she fought for attention among her eight siblings. Throughout her life Johnnie has encountered two broken noses and has attended an impressive total of thirteen different schools. Furthermore she possesses a talent for whistling that rivals that of a bird.

Isiah Zay Harayda

Isiah Zay Harayda
(Isiah Zay Harayda /Image Credits: We Got This Covered)
  • Age; 23
  • Hometown; Long Island, New York
  • Profession; Executive Sales Representative

Facts; Zay, a Long Islander has proudly served in the US Air Force for the past four years. Recently he embarked on a military training school experience where he trekked, over 50 miles through mountains carrying a hefty 65 pound backpack for six consecutive days. Zays idea of a date involves going on hikes and camping adventures. He values a woman who possesses fire building skills as it aligns with his preferences. Another intriguing aspect about Zay is his fascination with purchasing colognes every other week.

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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith
(Taylor Smith /Image Credits: We Got This Covered)
  • 24 Hailing,
  • from Orange County, CA
  • Occupation; Manager at a hotel

Facts; Taylor enjoys impressing her dates by showcasing her golf skills at the driving range. She has been involved in golf for more than 15 years. A driven and ambitious man is particularly attractive to Taylor as she was raised to be independent. Despite never having been in a relationship she has a fondness for wearing wigs. Is drawn to guys with a confident and stylish demeanor like Jack Harlow.

Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown
(Eddie Brown /Image Credits: Screen Rant)
  • 26
  • from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Occupation; Bouncer & NFL Free Agent

Facts; Eddie's older sister played a significant role in his upbringing inspiring him to pursue an athletic career. He used to be an end at Prairie View A&M University and even attempted a tryout with the WWE. Eddie noticed an increase of attention from women after he started sharing his cooking ventures on Instagram; hence he often mentions his skills. Paige Hurd is his celebrity crush. He contemplates naming his daughter Capri due, to his love of juice—especially Capri Sun.

Allie Ryan

Allie Ryan
(Allie Ryan /Image Credits: Allie Ryan )
  • 28 Born
  • raised in Madison, WI

Occupation;  Fun Trivia; When Allie wasn't assisting her father, who worked as the mortician she spent her time tubing snowmobiling and embracing all the experiences that Wisconsin had to offer. It was her mothers role, as a hospice nurse that ignited Allie's passion to pursue a career in nursing which she is currently working towards. One of Allies abilities is building connections with her boyfriend's mothers and she has even maintained friendships, with some of them even after the relationships ended.

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