A Woman Was Successfully Rescued Subsequently To Her Endeavour To Retrieve Her Apple Watch From An Outhouse
(A Woman Was Successfully Rescued Subsequently To Her Endeavour To Retrieve Her Apple Watch From An Outhouse Image Credits: The Guardian, Fox News)

On Tuesday, a woman was rescued from a public outhouse at Dixon Lake in Bagley Township, Michigan, after becoming trapped while attempting to retrieve her Apple Watch, as reported by the Michigan State Police Department.

Inadvertently, she dropped her Apple Watch

In a press release issued on Wednesday, it was stated that Conservation Officers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), troopers from the Michigan State Police (MSP) Gaylord Post, and Otsego County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were dispatched to the scene upon the woman's request for local first responders.

The MSP Seventh District also disseminated the news via X (formerly known as Twitter). According to the release, the first responders heard the woman shouting from the outhouse. She had accidentally dropped her Apple Watch into the toilet and, in an attempt to retrieve it, lowered herself into the toilet, becoming stuck and requiring assistance to extricate herself.

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The woman conveyed her appreciation

The woman conveyed her appreciation
(The woman conveyed her appreciation Image Credits: The Star)

As stated in the press release, the first responders removed the toilet and fashioned a strap to safely lift the woman out. According to Derrick Carroll, a spokesperson for the Michigan State Police, the woman, who remains unidentified, retrieved her watch before being rescued and did not sustain any injuries.

Carroll said the woman expressed gratitude towards the first responders who assisted her. The police statement concluded with a cautionary message, advising individuals not to attempt to enter the containment area of an outhouse toilet if they have lost an item, as it may result in serious injury.

The woman made an initial endeavour

There has yet to be a response from the spokesperson for the Michigan State Police regarding requests for further information. It is worth noting that a similar incident occurred in Washington state last year, where a woman in her 40s had to be rescued from a public outhouse after falling headfirst into the toilet while attempting to retrieve her lost cell phone.

Following the occurrence, the Brinnon Fire Department took to Facebook to inform the public that the woman initially attempted to dismantle the toilet herself. Subsequently, she endeavoured to lower herself into the opening, using dog leashes. However, as Brinnon Fire Chief Tim Manly stated, the leashes proved ineffective in aiding her escape from the toilet.

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Engaged in the act of exerting

Manly further added that after approximately 15-20 minutes of futile attempts to free herself, she resorted to using her phone to contact emergency services via 911. In response to the distress call, the Brinnon Fire Department Rescue 41 and Quilcene F&R Aid 21 promptly arrived to assist.

Manly elucidated that the teams collaborated to construct an improvised cribbing platform, enabling the woman to extricate herself from the outhouse. This involved pulling herself onto the platform and standing up to exit. Upon successful rescue, with no reported injuries, Manly and the first responders strongly advised the woman to seek medical attention due to her exposure to human waste.