Who is the talented Alicia Keys?

Alicia Key; a complete package! Singer, song writer, composer & pianist
(Who is the talented Alicia Keys/Image Credits: News24)

Alicia Keys was born in New York on 25th January 1981. She has recently celebrated her 42nd birthday. She is an only child of Teresa Angelo who was a part-time lawyer and actress. Alicia’s father is African American and her mother is of Italian, Irish, and Scottish origin.

Alicia Key has won 15 Grammy awards for her incredible singing and producing music. She also has 7 BET awards and 9 Billboard Music Awards on her credit. Alicia also learned to play piano and started composing music when she was only 12 years old.

First debut album winning hearts

Alicia Key; a complete package! Singer, song writer, composer & pianist
(First debut album winning hearts/Image Credits:USA Today)

The amazing and talented Alicia’s first debut album won the hearts of her fans and was nominated as platinum five times on the music charts. The album ‘Songs in a Minor’ was released in 2001. Not only this album but her other albums and songs have also been number one songs such as No One, Girl on Fire, If I Ain’t Got You, and Empire State of Mind.

Alicia Keys among other singers Grandmaster Flash, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis have been invited by the Black American Music Association to the inauguration of the ICE Medal of Honor. The event will take place at Morehouse’s Ray Charles Performing Arts Center. Alicia has contributed to the music and for achievements she will receive the Ella Fitzgerald Gold Standard Award.

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Music leaving impact

Alicia Key; a complete package! Singer, song writer, composer & pianist
(Music leaving impact/Image Credits:consequence.net)

Awards will be given to those artists who have been recognized for their work and contributions to the music industry. Award-winning artists have decades-long music careers and they have left a long-lasting impact on the music industry.

Alicia shared that initially in the start of her career, she was reluctant to release one of her albums but now when looks back she is glad that she did it. She further added that she was also hesitant to collaborate on an album with Jay-Z after giving the hit album ‘Empire State of Mind’ together in 2009. The album broke all the records and hit number 1 in Billboard's Hot 100 charts. Alicia thought the song would never be a hit.

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Nothing can beat an ‘Empire state of mind’

Alicia Key; a complete package! Singer, song writer, composer & pianist
(Nothing can beat ‘Empire state of mind’/Image Credits:Allure)

During an interview with E! News Alicia Keys shared that she and Jay Z won’t do any collaboration again because the previous one was a hit and they are not sure what the future holds for them and they don’t want to dishearten their fans.

Alicia admitted that she and Jay gave thought about working on new songs and albums together but after ‘Empire State of mind success ‘Alicia thinks that nothing can top the chart again. 

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