Angelina Jolie's Life Unwrapped: Scandal, Shock, And Secrets
(Angelina Jolie's Life Unwrapped: Scandal, Shock, And Secrets /Image Credits: Yahoo)

From an outsider's perspective, Angelina Jolie's life resembles a dark, twisted funhouse. It's filled with surreal elements that distort our sense of normalcy and yet intrigue us to the point of falling in love with the elusive actress. Of course, as one of the entertainment industry's most beloved bad girls, we expect no less from her. From blood necklaces to InTouch's latest story about her saving her kids' bandages, her list of strange habits has made for interesting headlines over the years.  The former studio head reveals how the actress had to undergo random drug tests after she expressed her desire to prove herself for the role. Jolie stated, Look, I want to do it, but I know what my reputation is, and I’ll do anything you want to prove that I’m worthy. I’ll be reliable, and I’ll turn up, and I’ll work hard. I don’t care if the studio wants to drug test me every day. But this isn’t the only time Angelina Jolie has been embroiled in a controversy. There have been many more instances when she’s grabbed headlines. Here’s taking a look at a few.

Jolie’s Collection of Knives

When Jolie was 14 years old, she had a pretty impressive collection of knives and a live-in boyfriend. Apparently, Jolie and her boyfriend began experimenting with the S&M lifestyle and would play around in bed by using the knives to scratch one another. In Jolie’s own words, You're young, you're drunk, you're in bed, you have knives; shit happens...

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Rumoured of Having Sex with Billy Bob

With Jolie in his arms and her famous lips on his neck, Billy Bob explicitly said that the most exciting thing he’s ever done in a car happened right before the interview, which was have sex in the limo. The most exciting thing we’ve done in a limo was stick our heads out of the sun roof before we got to prom.

Stays in the Character after filming

Stays in the Character after filming
(Stays in the Character after filming /Image Credits: News24)

That film gave Angelina the reputation of being difficult to deal with, but her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller probably got the worst of it. She would call him up and explain, I’m alone; I’m dying; I’m gay; I’m not going to see you for weeks.

She enjoys dominatrix dens

Former Calvin Klein model and Jolie’s ex-girlfriend, Jenny Shimizu, revealed on her blog that her and Jolie did so much more than visit strip clubs together. On the blog, called The Starr Sisters of Malibu, she wrote that they visited a dominatrix club together and Jolie loved it. If there was ever a moment to be a fly on the wall, that would have been it.

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She has weird eating habits

According to an insider on her staff, Jolie becomes obsessed with one type of food for days. For example, some days, she’ll only feast on red meat and red wine. On other days, presumably when she’s feeling adventurous, she’ll only eat light, non-cream based soups.

She's admitted to trying every drug possible

She's admitted to trying every drug possible
(She's admitted to trying every drug possible /Image Credits: Byrdie)

Jolie told The Sunday Times that she has tried almost every drug out there, including cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. She said that pot was the one that had the most negative effect on her, making her feel out of control. We can empathize; cannabis can make anyone feel out of control, especially around a bag of Cheetos.

She was caught on tape explaining the wonders of S&M

A tape of Jolie was released where she described the majestic beauty that is a sadomasochistic relationship. She does babble through the video but we do catch her saying that S&M changed her life. She says being tied down isn’t all about nipple clamps and hot wax because it comes from that real, real place. She even said she’s considered making a film about it in the video, which we would totally watch if she was the star.

She wore a vial of Billy Bob's blood around her neck

When Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton tied the knot, getting tattoos wasn’t the only thing the couple did to celebrate. The two also exchanged vials of each other’s blood. Jolie explains that it wasn’t a vial, but on inspection there definitely was blood inside the glass around her neck. According to The Sun article, Jolie even asked for five vials of her blood back from Billy Bob during their divorce so he couldn’t curse her.

She kissed her brother at the Oscars

She kissed her brother at the Oscars
(She kissed her brother at the Oscars /Image Credits: Us Weekly)

We appreciate a good sibling relationship. They’re there for you for life and we totally get that. However, it doesn’t explain why Jolie and her brother James shared a savory, lingering mouth-to-mouth kiss at the Oscars in 2000.

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