Ariana Grande's Top Secrets To Success
(Ariana Grande's Top Secrets To Success/ImageCredits:The Today Show)

Ariana knows right from the start of her career what her niche would eventually be. During her early childhood years Ariana has been featured on stage shows near her home in Boca Raton Florida. She has been featured also in different stage events. As a teenager she became a part of the top Broadway play when she was 15. She has had roles, not only on animated television but also in theatre and films. Her devoted fans love and follow her personal design preferences such as hair style, and often copy her styles. Things have not always been easy for Ariana in her life nevertheless; she has been able to overcome adversities confronting her early in her life.

Ariana’s music career commenced in 2011 with the soundtrack music from victorious. Her first studio album "yours truly" was recorded in 2013, followed by “my Everything” in (2014), all her released albums were in top 10 of the Billboard 100 albums for 34 weeks.Three of her albums have been certified as Platinum by the RIAA and according to published reports; her music videos have been viewed more than 9 Billion times. Ariana’s singing voice according to music critics is comparable to that of Mariah Carrey and Whitney Houston.

Ariana’s massive success soon led to her plans for a world tour which was not an ordinary and easy task. She collaborated with Australian singer Iggy Azalea and rapper Nicki Minaj for a successful tour and Ariana gained a lot more fans worldwide, her followers and fans were dubbed “Arianators”.Ariana said her family is weird according to her interview with Vogue Magazine.

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Ariana’s Ten Rules To Success

  • Be yourself
  • Keep improving
  • Love what you do
  • Try out new things
  • Overcome your ego
  • Take care of yourself
  • Never quit
  • Maintain a healthy environment
  • Learn from your mistakes and
  • Don't take yourself too seriously 

Most Traumatic Day In Ariana’s Life

Most Traumatic Day In Ariana’s Life
(Most Traumatic Day In Ariana’s Life/ImageCredits:Teen Vogue,The Independent)

On May 22, 2017 thousands of fans gathered at the Manchester arena in Britain to see their idol Ariana in concert. Soon Ariana appeared on stage with warm and excited fans ready for this one in a lifetime event for many of them. The concert hall was packed and soon the event began and from all accounts the concert went very well and the fans got their money’s worth. Just moments after Ariana did her last song ending the concert; a suicide bomber blew himself up in the middle of the packed concert premises. Ariana was safe and unharmed, but 22 concertgoers were killed and 118 others were injured some with serious injuries.

Investigators later identified the bomber is Salmon Abedi, a native of Manchester originally from Libya. Investigators also revealed that Abedi was radicalized during one of his trips to Libya.ISIS claimedresponsibility for the attack saying that Abedi was one of their members. This suicide attack turns out to be the deadliest bomb attack in Britain since the London Metro attack which occurred in 2005.

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After the suicide bomber attack, there was pandemonium everywhere; frantic parents were searching for their children separated from them during the rush for the building’s exists. Ariana said it was the most traumatic event in her life. Shaken Arianna tweeted, “from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry, I don’t have words”.Eleven days after the Manchester bombing Ariana went back to Manchester and visited her wounded fans and other victims of this tragedy which Ariana says has changed her life and music and will for ever remain indelible on her mind.

Ariana Grande has released music with other celebrities. She collaborates with other singers with both music and music videos. She collaborated with her friend Miley Cyrus, and they created a video together. This helps bring their fanbases together and create support. Collaborating with other artists can be a good way to combine fanbases and bring in new fans.

Ariana enjoys giving back to her fans. She recently made a cover for her fans to pay respects for the Manchester tragedy. Ariana likes to make sure that her fans know that she appreciates them and is thankful for their support. She is there when her fans are in need of support.Even though Ariana Grande has experienced tragedies in her concerts, she tries to stay strong for her fans. She makes her concerts interactive and makes sure her fans are happy. Her concerts give out her bubbly and energetic vibe.

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