Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers
(Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers:creadits/Reddit)

Bill Maher will soon operate through some New Rules, not just the ones he generates in his HBO program's signature section. The commentator and comedian plan to re-begin 'Real Time' production at HBO Channel without any writers. 

The late-night hosts' first phalanx of Television tries to continue the Hollywood strikes through the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Maher mentioned over social media on Wednesday night, 'Real Time is returning, regrettably, sans writers or the writing tone. It has been five months, and it's time to bring the people back to work. 

Bill Maher continued, 'The writers have got the essential issues that I can empathise with and hope they're referred to their satisfaction level. However, they are not the sole person with the problems, concerns and issues. All the late-night shows on TV, varying from Saturday Night Live on NBC to 'The Daily Show' of Comedy Central, have undergone a dark phase since the writers set for a strike this year.

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Bill Maher Is Grateful For Being A WGA Member To Track The Strike Rules

Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers
(Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers:creadits/NBC News)

Bill Maher is probably to draw some anger while Drew Barrymore has begun the production on her 'daytime talk show, and the writers with other folks enclosed the New York Production. West, 'The Writers Guild of America' shared a statement with the 'Real Time', returning to the air. The decision of Bill Maher to return to the air when his Guild is on strike needs improvement. 

If he goes ahead with his plan, he must be honoured above the spirit of the strike. Bill Maher feels thankful for becoming a WGA member, sticking to strike rules, and not performing writing services. It is hard to believe how the 'Real time with Bill Maher' can proceed without any destruction of WGA strike rules happening. 

WGA will stake on this show. An HBO spokesman couldn't be reached instantly for comment, nor can Sheila Griffiths, the longtime executive producer of Maher on 'Real Time'. Maher mentioned that the edition of 'Real Time' that he does without any writers will be significantly distinctive from the show's typical format.

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Bill Maher Felt The Show Will Go On, No Matter Who'll Participate? 

Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers
(Bill Maher Is Planning To Begin Hbo's real Time Without Any Writers:creadits/Bleeding Cool)

Bill Maher further elaborated that he will honour the essence of the strike of not making any desk piece, monologue, editorial or New Rules and the written pieces that he's proud of on 'Real Time'. He will say in front of the crowds that the show he'll do with no writers will not be as good as the normal show. 

'The heart of the show is the panel discussion that intends to go through the bullshit and foreseeable bias that will go on. The show will never dissatisfy you, Maher commented. He indicated that he felt that the show would go on. However, it doesn't matter who will participate. He said, 'I like my writers. I'm one of them, though. I am not geared up to lose the whole year and discover many below-the-line people who suffered very much. 

The current WGA strike has disrupted the late-night programming strategies of several TV networks. CBS, for instance, had anticipated introducing a new program at 12:30 a.m. this autumn as a replacement for the departing James Corden. Stay tuned with for more news stories. 

Late-night TV remains a prominent topic in popular culture, fueling ongoing conversations. However, as shows such as NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" stay off the air for an extended period, the potential for viewers to permanently alter their consumption habits in the age of streaming video increases.

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