Did you know who Claudia B is: the Voice of Season 24 contestant?
(Did you know who Claudia B is: the Voice of Season 24 contestant?/Image Credits:YouTube)

Claudia B expressed her love for the era that gave us timeless music and design by bringing a '90s soul touch to Season 24 of "The Voice." But before anything happens, it's fascinating to see how this young vocalist interacts with one of the Coaches about a meaningful event in her life.

Claudia, 24, sang "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson in a bluesy style. She reveals that she formerly served Reba McEntire and that she used to be a server, indicating that they had already met.

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Claudia stated on Instagram!

Did you know who Claudia B is: the Voice of Season 24 contestant?
(Claudia stated on Instagram/Image Credits:Instagram)

Early in August, Claudia noted a significant occasion by writing on Instagram, "One year ago, I worked my final shift as a waitress. The intention was for me to keep picking up shifts, but I have only been picking up jobs ever since, instead. I'm feeling melancholy today and am so appreciative of the instincts that brought me here and the people that keep me there.

Gwen Stefani was admired by Claudia's father. Whenever alternative rock was popular, She was for real! When Claudia was 14 years old, she joined her first rock group. She left her hometown and moved to Nashville after high school. John Legend, Reba, and Niall Horan all turned. She made a little off-key sound. But she has a particular tone. She has a jazzy flare.

Jazz was Claudia's area of study at Berklee College of Music. She plays the piano. She was acknowledged as a magician by Niall. Ironically, Gwen did not transform. Dad must not be happy.

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Claudia B picks team legend!

Did you know who Claudia B is: the Voice of Season 24 contestant?
(Claudia B picks team legend/Image Credits:MEAWW)

Reba admires the fragility of Claudia. John, though, makes a stronger appeal. Of course, she chose him. Claudia claims, "Strategy is telling me one answer, but my heart is telling me another answer." The jazz vocalist chooses Team Legend.

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Singles of Claudia B!

Did you know who Claudia B is: the Voice of Season 24 contestant?
(Singles of Claudia B!/Image Credits:GigSalad)

Claudia is a passionate singer-songwriter who performs music full-time and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She was raised near Washington, D.C., and she studied music at Berklee College of Music. One of the Season 24 contestants who have previously published music is Claudia B, who has three tracks accessible on Spotify. There were three of them: "Something Real," which was published in May, "Old Me," from last year, and "Night Without You" from 2020.

She is described as a rising pop/R&B artist on Spotify with a sound that is a combination of Ariana Grande, H.E.R., and Halsey. She also asserts that she has performed at hundreds of events, including those at her hometown's National Cherry Blossom Festival, the Grand Ole Opry, the Kelly Clarkson Show, and McLean, Virginia's Grand Ole Opry.

She previously put out music as Claudia B. Swope, putting out the albums "Yours" and "Chances" (2017) as well as the EP "Pllwtlk" (2019). It doesn't seem like any streaming providers have them. She is presently engaged to North Carolina-born artist and writer Jacob Lutz. Season 24 of "The Voice" airs on NBC every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.