Britney Spears Has Been Captured Pole Dancing In A Crop Top And Thong
(Britney Spears has been captured pole dancing in a crop top and thong/Image Credits: The Irish Sun)

On September 12, Britney Spears, aged 41, revisited her past triumphs at the MTV VMAs through a daring new pole dancing video. While the awards ceremony was underway in New Jersey, the renowned pop star took to Instagram to reminisce about her original pole dance performance at the 2000 MTV VMAs and presented an updated rendition in a secluded area of her expansive residence.

Indelible Moments Were Experienced On The Platform

In her initial post, she shared a photograph of the iconic "nude" ensemble she donned 23 years ago. One of the most esteemed award ceremonies I hold in high regard is the MTV Video Music Awards. I have had numerous unforgettable moments on that stage, and have even been bestowed with the title of 'Queen of @mtv'," she wrote in part.

Subsequently, in a lively dance video, she performed twerking and writhing movements while wearing a red crop top, black lacy thong, and white go-go boots to the tune of The Black Eyed Peas' "Electric City." Get the most interesting news updates from

She Embellished Her Attire With Accessories

Britney accessorised her outfit with a red fingerless glove, bracelets, and a choker necklace. She styled her platinum blonde hair in a high ponytail for the energetic and provocative workout.

Fans may recall that on September 6, Britney shared a tweet discussing another iconic performance at the VMA's in 2001, which featured an albino python. "One of my favorite performances was with an albino python," she wrote on Twitter, along with a video of the memorable performance.

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The Attention Of The Public Towards Britney

The attention of the public towards Britney
(The attention of the public towards Britney/Image Credits: Vanity Fair)

Britney then hinted that she would reveal more about this and other experiences in her highly anticipated upcoming book, which is scheduled to be released on October 24. She also alluded to this in her September 12 throwback post. In the interim, the public focuses on Brit as she navigates her divorce from her estranged husband, Sam Asghari, aged 29. 

Following the announcement, she has acquired a charming puppy as a new addition to her family, engaged in dancing activities in Cabo San Lucas, and pondered the possibility of reconciling with her father, who was notoriously in charge of her restrictive 13-year legal conservatorship.