Sharon Osbourne Has Disclosed That Ashton Kutcher Is The Most Discourteous Celebrity She Has Ever Encountered
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Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are known for their outspoken nature, and during a recent appearance on E! News, the mother and daughter duo participated in a game called 'Stir the Pot.' One of the questions posed to them was to name the rudest celebrity they had ever met. 

Sharon immediately recalled an encounter with a celebrity married to an actress who used to star in That 70s Show, although she could not recall his name. Kelly identified the celebrity as Ashton Kutcher, to which Sharon responded by describing him as a "rude little boy." This revelation took aback the interviewers.

Sharon gives the expression

During the game, Sharon and Kelly also revealed that they share a celebrity crush on Jason Momoa. When asked if they would apologise to anyone they have feuded with in the past, Kelly stated that she would not, while Sharon expressed remorse for her comments about Justin Bieber. 

She admitted to having apologised to him in the past. She acknowledged that she had no right to judge him. Kelly also shared that her feud with Christina Aguilera, which was heavily publicised in the media when she was 16, has since been resolved. They are now either friends or friendly towards each other.

She conveyed her dissatisfaction

Sharon Osbourne Has Disclosed That Ashton Kutcher Is The Most Discourteous Celebrity She Has Ever Encountered
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Kelly recounted that they had the opportunity to sit together at a Christian Dior fashion show and developed a mutual fondness. She commented that it was a pleasurable experience.

Sharon was also queried about her stance on her daughter's various hair colours, and she expressed her disapproval of one in particular. "When Kelly was very young, she dyed her hair black. It was quite wicked," Sharon disclosed.

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Kelly then disclosed that she had a reason for dyeing her hair black, which Sharon had forgotten, and that it would make her feel remorseful. Kelly explained that during the period of her chemotherapy, she was likened to Snow White by the individual in question, and as a result, she opted to dye her hair black.

The Osbourne family is promoting the highly-anticipated return of The Osbournes Podcast on September 12, following a lengthy five-year hiatus.