Chad Michael Murray Wishes To His Wife, Sarah Roemer, On Their Anniversary
(Chad Michael Murray Wishes To His Wife, Sarah Roemer, On Their Anniversary/Image Credits: E! Online)

Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer commemorated their anniversary, which was both enchanting and tumultuous. The renowned One Tree Hill actor, aged 42, took to Instagram on Wednesday to express his affection for his actress spouse, aged 39, through a heartfelt video tribute. 

He commenced the video by stating, Yesterday marked the anniversary of my wife and me. It was a day filled with enchantment. However, he chuckled and added, Nevertheless, the day was a complete catastrophe. Get instant updates from

Obstacles and hardships

Have you ever experienced one of those days where you cannot succeed, regardless of your efforts? The challenges and difficulties accumulate throughout the day, and before you know it, you have failed miserably at all of the tasks you had planned to accomplish. That was our day Yesterday.

Murray recounted challenges and difficulties he and Roemer faced during their anniversary, such as additional dog walks, a spilt bottle, heavy traffic, and even being soiled by a baby. 

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Warmest greetings

However, he emphasized that despite these obstacles, he wouldn't have chosen to spend that time with anyone other than his wife. Concluding the video with a wink, he affectionately addressed his wife as mama and expressed his love for her. 

In the caption accompanying the video, the renowned actor, known for his role in Freaky Friday, continued his tribute by wishing his wife a happy anniversary and expressing his love for her and their journey together, along with their wonderful little family. 

Amidst the various challenges

He further acknowledged that amidst the challenges they face, such as dishwasher malfunctions, traffic frustrations, breakfast mishaps, clothing dilemmas for the children, unreliable Google maps, tired kids, inclement weather, homework, memorization, dog walking, and a chaotic household, he feels genuinely blessed to have her by his side.

Murray and Roemer's little pack comprises three children, namely two sons aged 8 and 6 and a one-month-old daughter, whose identities remain undisclosed by the couple. Additionally, the couple has adopted a golden retriever named Jett, who required extra walks on their anniversary and was welcomed into their family in October 2021.

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Matrimony has been formally declared 

The actor couple initially met on the set of their show Chosen, which premiered in 2013. In January 2015, they announced their marriage and the impending arrival of their first child. Murray's representative states, Chad and Sarah are extremely happy and excited, and enjoying their life together.

Murray has described himself as a romantic and a family guy, emphasizing the importance of his private life. Although both Murray and Roemer maintain a relatively low profile, Murray frequently expresses his affection for his wife on social media. 

A photograph capturing the intimate moment 

Chad Michael Murray Wishes To His Wife, Sarah Roemer, On Their Anniversary
(Chad Michael Murray Wishes To His Wife, Sarah Roemer, On Their Anniversary/Image Credits: Daily Mail)

On Mother's Day in 2022, he composed a heartfelt tribute to his wife, accompanied by a photograph of the couple kissing. The global community has witnessed a notable surge in enlightenment and optimism since the momentous occasion of your arrival, he initiated his discourse. You have further disseminated this radiance throughout our small unit. 

As someone raised predominantly by a single father, I had never truly comprehended the significance of a mother until I had the privilege of witnessing you shoulder the responsibilities of this family since the very moment our son came into existence.

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