Mtv Vmas 2023: Shakira Thanks To Her Sons On 'cheering Me Up' For A Vanguard Speech
(Mtv Vmas 2023: Shakira Thanks To Her Sons On 'cheering Me Up' For A Vanguard Speech/ Image Credits:ELLE)

Shakira returned victorious to the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12. Tuesday, who accepted the Video Vanguard Award and performed on the show for the first time in over 15 years.

A 46-year-old Shakira started her speech by saying, 'Thank you, MTV, for becoming a great portion of my career since I was just 18 years old. Tonight, I would like to thank all the people who've played a main role in my visual history representation'. Shakira shouted out her 'creative partners', 'loyal army fans' and 'very dear friends' before taking her devotion to her family.

When the camera criticised the boys she shared with her former partner, Gerard Pique, she said, 'I like to thank my guardians. I want to thank my children, Sasha and Milan. Thank you very much for 'cheering me up' and making me feel that Mama can do it all.

Shakira: The First South American Artist Who Seized The Video Vanguard Award

An 8-year-old, Sasha and 10-year-old, Milan, joined their mother on the red carpet initially on Tuesday, sporting the matching Versace tracksuit when Shakira shimmered in a get-up of gold gown. According to the sources, Shakira is the only South American artist who received the Video Vanguard Award.

The former honorees include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Madonna. Bruce Gillmer of Paramount said in an August statement while declaring the award, 'Shakira is a real global force who remains influenced and inspired the crowds with her peculiar and musical expertise.

Bruce continued, 'Shakira is a pioneer for the women worldwide and the first artist who led the globalization into a Latin Music. Her huge impact in the musical countryside will be a lasting effect because she continues to entertain and create at the highest scale'.

Shakira Has Won Four VMAs Nominations And Got 30 Nods During Her Career

Shakira Has Won Four VMAs Nominations And Got 30 Nods During Her Career
(Shakira Has Won Four VMAs Nominations And Got 30 Nods During Her Career/ Image Credits:Us Weekly)

In the current year, Shakira has been nominated for four VMAs: Best Collaboration and Best Latin Video for her song TQG featuring Karol G, Best Latin Video for Acróstico, and the coveted Artist of the Year award. Notably, she has secured victory in four previous VMAs and earned 30 nominations for her illustrious career. 

Her recent performance at the awards show was particularly significant, marking her first live appearance since her memorable duet with Wyclef Jean on the hit song Hips Don't Lie in 2006.Shakira opened up about her experience of creative rebirth and continued to prove herself for decades in the limelight.

She said, 'I consistently have a debate on myself. I like checking whether I have a talent or if it disappeared. That led me to return to the recording studio; now, I am more thrilled than ever.

After experiencing a public separation from a longtime partner, Pique, in June 2022, Shakira depended on her Music to endure difficult days. A year after her breakup, she said, 'Music has saved my life and allowed me wings to fly. It allowed me to be with myself and rescued me from hard moments. It connected me to who I am when I felt lost.

When Shakira was unable to identify herself, Music was the only mirror. Follow more insights at and stay tuned for more up-to-date celebrity information.