Her Professionalism 

Chloe Grace Moretz breakout role in the action packed superhero film Kick Ass brought her recognition among genre enthusiasts it also served as a testament to her ability to handle occasionally controversial material with a level of professionalism that belied her age. Moretz continued to impress audiences with acclaimed movies like Let Me In, a remake that stood up against the original and Hugo a captivating 3D childrens film directed by Martin Scorsese. Over the years she has worked with esteemed directors such as Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria) Desiree Akhavan (The Miseducation of Cameron Post) and Luca Guadagnino (Suspiria) further solidifying her impressive roster of collaborations. In addition to reprising her role as Wednesday in The Addams Family sequel and starring in a Tom & Jerry adaptation, Moretz has consistently expanded her repertoire.

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Characters She Portrays 


When it comes to comparing Moretz herself with the characters she portrays on screen one can't. Notice a contrast.In 2010 she rose to fame by playing the bold and foul mouthed character Hit Girl in the action packed comic book movie Kick Ass, which caused quite a stir, among parents. Encountering an actress with determination is quite uncommon. It frustrates her when she recalls instances on set where she arrived full of positivity only to be met with coldness and distance from actors. She chooses not to disclose any names stating that she believes in respecting everyone. However she does share a tidbit, as food for thought.

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Debut TV Show

Moretz makes her debut in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (2005), which's a remake of a 1979 horror film based on a novel, with the title.She portrays one of the three children of a couple who move into an eerie house with a past only to be terrorized by supernatural entities.At the age of 8 Moretz impressively performed most of her stunts. Won over audiences with her adorable personality.

Jimmy Bennett, who played her brother, co-starred with Moretz in Movie 43 (2013) where they portrayed an awkward teenage couple.

In this comedy adapted from a book with the same name, an aspiring real life superhero joins forces with a vigilante similar to Batman. The vigilante is training his daughter to become a crime fighter 

As Hit Girl, an 11 year old character, Moretz shocked viewers by defeating villains using violence and strong language.

Despite being well received by both viewers and critics (it even spawned a sequel in 2013) some family advocacy groups expressed concerns about the level of violence, profanity and sexualization associated with her character.

Inspired by Trevors journey I made my television debut at the age of seven on the CBS show The Guardian. After that I transitioned to the screen and appeared in various movies like The Amityville Horror and (500) Days of Summer. 

Although The Equalizer may be seen as another gory slice of pulp fiction I took my role seriously. Approached it with dedication and commitment. "It's quite unsettling.. What's more unsettling is the fact that it's a harsh reality. This issue of sex trafficking is significant." During her visit to Children of the Night, an organization committed to rescuing girls from the streets in America, Moretz formed friendships with individuals under their care. "These girls are incredibly strong; they've left a lasting impression on me. They're individuals fierce and resilient."

Playing a character like Jo Ann was really scary according to Moretz. She has observed individuals in the industry although she chose not to mention any names. "I never want to become like them." However while acknowledging the allure of stories like Jo Anns in the tabloids she believes that kids of her generation are not interested in those who're drug addicts and constantly mess up their lives. Instead they admire hard working individuals like Elle Fanning and herself who are dedicated to their craft. This generation is not here for any nonsense.