David Beckham, aged 48, and Victoria Beckham, aged 49, engage in playful teasing with each other. The renowned couple candidly discussed their relationship and other topics during their Netflix docuseries, Beckham, which premiered on October 4th.

The fashion designer ultimately disclosed

David Beckham Amusingly Rectifies His Spouse, Victoria, After Her Statement Of Having Grown Up In A 'Working-Class' Environment
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During one confessional, the former Spice Girl asserted that she came from a "working-class" family. Her husband humorously corrected her, stating that both of their families worked hard. Victoria elaborated, "Both of our parents work really hard. We're very working class."

David interjected, encouraging Victoria to be truthful with the viewers. When she insisted that she was being honest, he asked her to disclose the car her father drove her to school in during her younger years. Initially hesitant, the fashion designer eventually revealed that her father drove a Rolls Royce in the 1980s.

Individuals are encouraged

Victoria claimed that her answer was not straightforward, while David responded bluntly, "Thank you," and closed the door. Following the emergence of a video documenting the incident on various social media platforms, a multitude of supporters of the individuals implicated flocked to the comment section to articulate their responses.

One fervent admirer conveyed, "I genuinely admire his unfeigned candour in that particular moment," while another observer opined, "This occurrence was undeniably entertaining." A third fan couldn't resist mentioning that David's upbringing was genuinely of the "working" class.

The inclination towards humour

David Beckham Amusingly Rectifies His Spouse, Victoria, After Her Statement Of Having Grown Up In A 'Working-Class' Environment
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"Considering his background, growing up in a working-class environment, it's understandable that he is genuinely upset," they cleverly responded to a fan who criticized Victoria's comment as "inappropriate behavior." A fourth fan also encouraged individuals to seek a partner with a similar sense of humour as David's. 

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"Hahah, that's the type of spouse people should aspire to have," they humorously remarked. In addition to addressing their respective backgrounds, Victoria and the renowned international soccer player disclosed the difficulties encountered throughout their relationship in the documentary.

The feeling of being disregarded

The mother of four also conveyed her profound discontent during the 2003 speculations surrounding David's alleged infidelity. She expressed, "It was the utmost state of unhappiness I have ever experienced in my entire existence. It was not due to a sense of being disregarded, as I was always cognizant of the attention he required." 

Subsequently, the songstress referred to the period during which David played for Real Madrid as a "nightmare" primarily due to the strain imposed by the geographical separation in their marital relationship.

During this exceptionally arduous period

David Beckham Amusingly Rectifies His Spouse, Victoria, After Her Statement Of Having Grown Up In A 'Working-Class' Environment
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Victoria stated, "It was an extremely arduous period, as it appeared that the entire world was colluding against us." "Permit me to expound further - to be completely honest, we were in disagreement with one another."

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During that time, she resided in England, tending to the upbringing of their two eldest sons, Brooklyn (born in 1999) and Romeo (born in 2000). Subsequently, the affectionate couple welcomed two additional children, including a third son named Cruz (born in 2005) and a daughter named Harper (born in 2011).