Christina Ricci Has Recounted Her Encounters With Individuals Who Engage In Abusive Behavior
(Christina Ricci has recounted her encounters with individuals who engage in abusive behavior / Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

Christina Ricci has issued a statement on social media that is a response to the recent sentencing of Danny Masterson and the support letters written by his That '70s Show co-stars, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Know more news updates from

Formerly esteemed and revered

In her statement, the Yellowjackets star acknowledges that individuals we have previously admired and respected may commit heinous acts. Although such individuals may not have perpetrated these acts against us, it does not negate the fact that they have committed such atrocities. 

Furthermore, discrediting the victims of such abuse is a criminal act. Ms. Ricci asserts that even individuals we perceive as "awesome guys" may be predators and abusers. While it may be difficult to accept this reality, we must do so if we claim to support abuse victims, regardless of their gender or age.

Conviction in a lawful manner

Ricci stated that she has personally encountered some of these "remarkable individuals" and urged for support towards abuse victims. In a subsequent post, she added, Regrettably, I have known numerous 'remarkable individuals' who have been proven to be abusers in private, despite being kind to me. I have also experienced this personally. 

It is imperative to believe victims. It is not an easy task to come forward, nor is it easy to secure a conviction. During Masterson's sentencing, Kutcher and Kunis provided character statements in his favor.

Letters of support have been discovered

Christina Ricci Has Recounted Her Encounters With Individuals Who Engage In Abusive Behavior
(Letters of support have been discovered / Image Credits:Basler Zeitung)

Kutcher kept in touch with Los Angeles Predominant Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo, "In addition to the fact that he is an old buddy to me, however, I have likewise seen him being an old buddy to other people and the sort of sibling that others would be lucky to have." Following Masterson's sentencing, the support letters were discovered, resulting in a backlash that prompted the couple to release an apology statement. 

Kutcher shared a video on Instagram with his wife, stating, "We are aware of the pain caused by the character letters we wrote on behalf of Danny Masterson. We support victims and have historically done so through our work, and we will continue to do so in the future."