AEW Dynamite Results(10/18): Sting Speaks, Omega Competes, Copeland's R-rated Rebuttal
(AEW Dynamite Results(10/18): Sting Speaks, Omega Competes, Copeland's R-rated Rebuttal/ Image Credits: Wrestlezone)

Let’s talk about the AEW world champion. There was also a battle royale amongst the members of the roster where the winner would get the AEW diamond ring. Everyone wanted to get this diamond ring for which they battled till the end. 

Omega, also known as Kenny Omega, competes against Kyle Fetcher. On the other hand, Copeland who is also known as Adam Copeland sits down and starts discussing his past stories with Christian Cage. Furthermore, he also discussed why things are going off the rails.  

Along with this, Kenny Omega was talking with Paquette and saying that he had not set his record greatly but he was still measuring the stick in AEW. 

The talented and famous 'Sting' who was involved with the wonderful wrestler 'Adam Copeland' set the record to speak tonight.  Copeland helped him from a brutal beatdown at the hands of Christian Cage and his group. 

Let’s discuss the competition between Kenny Omega and Kyle Fletcher

Kenny Omega And Kyle Fletcher Confront Each Other

Kenny Omega And Kyle Fletcher Confront Each Other
(Kenny Omega And Kyle Fletcher Confront Each Other/ Image Credits: YouTube)

Kenny Omega and Kyle Fletcher are fantastic wrestlers who compete with each other till the end. Let’s discuss how they confronted each other and battled against them. 

Kyle Fletcher jumped on Kenny Omega as soon as he got into the ring and made a hot start by beating down the elite star. They started competing with each other and Omega turned things around with a suplex and then later he dived over the top rope to take out Kyle Fletcher on the floor. 

However, after a lot of effort, Kyle Fletcher got into the ring and then nailed the drop kick on Kenny Omega.  When he was kicked by Omega he tried to get back into the ring again and he did it. However, he also charged omega over the barricade. 

Kenny Omega was in single action as he competed against Kyle Fletcher.  Omega hits a dropkick to the lower back as they get back into the ring but somehow Fletcher manages to kick out. He also avoids omega’s charge as he bounces from the ropes. 

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Sting Came On Stage For The Battle

Sting Came On Stage For The Battle
(Sting Came On Stage For The Battle/ Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

Sting and Lance Archer compete with each other and come in front of each other.  Lance finds his way and he kicks Sting out of the ring. They both put in their efforts and played very well but in the end, Lance won the battle. 

Sting also discussed his past experience related to his retirement. People were talking about his retirement in 2015 but he admitted that it did not sit with him. The only thing about Sting is that, nothing for sure. 

Sting wanted to address the word retirement that he started revolution in 2021 and his last match will be at revolution 2024. He said that his retirement in 2024 is for sure. He made this statement very clear to his fans. 

Sting was recently involved with Adam Copeland. When it comes to ring action. He also brought an enormous amount of charisma to the ring with his bleach-blonde hair, and colourful paint face. Eventually, he defeated Flair for the NWA title and later added six WCW world titles. 

He adopted a darker personality with white and black face paint and attire. He became a silent warrior. For more than a year, he never spoke or competed in the ring, captivating the audiences until finally he squared off with and defeated the WWE champion.

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Copeland Rated-R Rebuttal

Copeland Rated-R Rebuttal
(Copeland Rated-R Rebuttal/ Image Credits: POST Wrestling)

Adam Copeland is a fantastic player and he always played well with his action and hard work. He admitted that he was confused during the whole season and he did not know what was happening. However, he came here to end the season with Christian Cage. 

Copeland also told about his journey as a successful wrestler and he also discussed his friendship with Christian Cage and how he met with him. They became best friends because of their love for wrestling. They both loved wrestling and wanted to pursue their career in professional wrestling. 

He also came out to speak AEW but when he was speaking this Christian cage interrupted him before he could speak anything from his mind. 

Thus, this was all about the journey of wrestlers and this is how they defeated themselves against everyone.

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