Sofía Vergara Departs From The Stage After Howie Mandel's Jests Regarding Her Solitary Status
(Sofía Vergara departs from the stage after Howie Mandel's jests regarding her solitary status/Image Credits: AACEA.IN)

The eighteenth season of America's Got Talent has recently witnessed an increase in dramatic events. During the September 13th episode of the competition series, Howie Mandel, aged 67, joked about his fellow judge,Sofia Vergara new single status, resulting in the 51-year-old leaving the stage abruptly. Get instant updates from

The Deal or No Deal alum inquired, Do you see anybody in the audience tonight that you're interested in? she responded with a stunned expression. That's it! She exclaimed as she stood up to exit the stage. Co-host Terry Crews, aged 55, added, I think she's done!"

Considerable Media Coverage

Howie's jest follows the recent divorce of the Modern Family star from Joe Manganiello, which garnered significant media attention on July 17th. Following the circulation of a video of the incident on social media, numerous show fans took to the comments section to express their reactions to the joke made at Sofia's expense. 

One fan wrote, OOPSIES! It appears that @howiemandel may have struck a nerve. #AGT @AGT @AGTAuditions, while another commented, Why do you persist in teasing Sofia about her new status, @howiemandel? It is not appropriate. Please act your age!

At Present, It Is Available In The Market

At present, it is available in the market
(At present, it is available in the market/Image Credits: People)

This is not the first instance in which the 67-year-old referenced Sofia's divorce, as he quipped about her being single during an episode of AGT last month. I have one word of advice. If you're seeking eligible bachelors, you should have consulted Sofia, as she is currently on the market, Howie joked on August 22nd. 

In response, the brunette beauty took it in stride and cheered, Yeah! while raising her arms. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight after the joke above, Howie expounded that it was intended to be humorous. He informed the media outlet that certain individuals on the internet had asserted that the action was unsuitable and lacked decorum.

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An Opportunity Has Arisen

However, it was not inappropriate! It would have been inappropriate if she was still married. The previous season would have been inappropriate. Even if she had foreseen it, I doubt it would still have been inappropriate. The moment she is unencumbered, and they reside in separate abodes, the opportunity presents itself, ladies and gentlemen!