Coco Austin Overview

Coco Austin Overview
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Nicole Natalie Marrow Austin, popularly known as Coco Austin, was an American actress, model, dancer, entrepreneur and social media sensation. She became the first Caucasian beauty to feature on the cover of Smooth Magazine and over the years graced covers of more than fifty national magazines apart from appearing in many others. She has appeared in low-budget R-rated films like Desert Rose and Southwest Babes, and also featured in family TV series, talk shows and reality shows. Her notable TV appearances include in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Celebrity Family Feud, and Ice Loves Coco with the latter two seeing her appearing with her husband, rapper-actor Ice-T. She also remained one of the headliners of the Las Vegas revue, named Peepshow. 

Career Life

Apart from acting and modeling, Coco Austin also ventured into website design, an endeavor she took up while taking a hiatus from her modeling career for six years to help Ice-T with his busy schedule. Such a venture saw her developing her own official website that with time garnered millions of hits per month. Not only that, she was quite active on social media as well. Her Twitter account ‘cocosworld’ boasts of having more than 1.15 million followers while her Instagram account ‘coco’ has already garnered over 2.9 million followers. She has also launched her own clothing line Licious ( It offers a wide range of apparels including swimsuits, jeans and dresses among others that cater to women of all sizes, particularly the modern curvy women.

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Personal Life

Personal Life
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Coco Austin was born in Tarzana, California, US and grew up in Palos Verdes. Her Serbian ancestry comes from her maternal grandparents. She got her nickname Coco during her childhood when one of her brothers started mispronouncing her name as Co-co or Cole Cole instead of Nicole. With time, her family started calling her Coco. Talking about her relationship, Coco Austin was married to Mike Williams in 1999, but they got divorce in 2001. In January 2002, she married American rapper, metal vocalist, and actor Tracy Marrow, known as Ice-T. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Chanel Nicole Marrow whose birth was announced on November 28, 2015.

Parenting Life

Coco Austin and Ice-T have sparked backlash for their parenting choices numerous times and they were never shy about defending themselves from the trolls. Fans have often been quick to point out how much their daughter, Chanel, resembles him. According to one particular photo of Chanel that made headlines in July 2021, Coco Austin told Us Weekly that it was weird because she posted so many pictures and that particular one kind of went viral. Her daughter looked like her husband since day one, but now people were just noticing after five years. She also added that personality-wise, Chanel was more like her. Her daughter has a lot of personality and tries to act like her. 

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Kids Moment

In June 2017, Coco Austin shared photos via Instagram of her and Chanel posing in matching orange bathing suits. She set the record straight in the comments, explaining why she had decided to include her backside in the post. She said that she posted that to help boutiques that send packages to her, because they always want to see the front and back. Another moment in September 2021, she shared photos via Instagram of Chanel’s nails done nicely for school picture day. In the caption, she explained that for the special occasion, she let Chanel do mini tips to her nails. But, some of her followers did not find the manicure age-appropriate. The followers judged that it was too young for nails. ’

Glamor Urban Farming

Glamor Urban Farming
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Coco Austin revealed another insight into what turns her on, confessing her passion for urban farming, a growing trend which involves growing plants at home without using any soil. 

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Appearing on The Morning Show, Coco Austin, who was an ambassador for the hobby, said it got her turned on. Besides, she has become the official ambassador for Australian brand Nutrifield. The brand focuses on a method of gardening that does not require soil and can grow plants both in and outside of the home. Her new role was a surprising venture for the buxom blonde who has enjoyed a successful career as a dancer and glamor model.