Coco Austin’s Fitness Secret Before And After Her Pregnancy
(Coco Austin’s Fitness Secret Before And After Her Pregnancy/Image Credits: SheKnows)

Coco Austin is used to getting fame and attention as an Asian actress, model, and super popular internet personality. Although she was popular for her lifelong fitness regime, she tried to tell the world by sharing her experience before and after getting pregnant. She even launched her very own fitness app called Coco's Workout World where he paid attention to healthy eating, and aimed to dispel myths.

Early Life

Nicole Natalia Marrow also known as Coco Austin is an American actress in TV personality.  At the age of 18 years old, cocoa vegan specialised in lingerie, swimsuit, and body modelling for videos, catalogues, and calendars. In 1997, she made her first appearance on the magazine cover of Swimwear Illustrated. The following year, she won the Ujena contest in Mexico. In 2001, she began working at Playboy Mansion for events and parties. During the years, she made several appearances in low-budget R-rated firms and also made guest appearances in TV shows such as Hip Hop Wives and The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She has been married to a rapper actress called Trace Ice T Marrow since 2002. They even renewed their vows in 2011 in Hollywood. The couple welcomed their daughter Chanel Nicole on 28 November 2015.

Fitness Routine Before The Baby

Fitness Routine Before the Baby
(Fitness Routine Before the Baby/Image Credits:

Before she got pregnant, Coco was working out by doing yoga, cardio, weightlifting, and pilates.  And even after getting pregnant,  she continued doing yoga. She revealed a big thing that helped her after the 4 to 5 months of pregnancy was pilates.  It is like yoga using dance moves that help you stretch out without running or another kind of heavy workout.

During an interview shaven gives advice to the mother by telling them to just maintain a nice flow with her body and listen to what it means and cater to it.

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Fitness Routine After The Baby

Fitness Routine After the Baby
(Fitness Routine After the Baby/Image Credits: TooFab)

Coco is known for her sexy and cool look and even as a new mom, she was on her way to feeling the absolute best toward herself. She even revealed her secret about being a fabulous and fit mom. The secret she shared is going to shock all of us.  She said, "I personally haven't been in the gym in the past year and a half, two years because of Chanel. I stopped going to the gym when I was pregnant then I waited nine months after so I literally just started getting back into the routine this week to tell you the truth." 

The ultimate secret of this beauty is "I just watch what I eat. I don't overeat." She even clarified that she also has cravings yet she is mindful of what she eats.  "I think it has to do with diet. I eat what I want, but small portions. I don't go overboard. Yes, I have the mac & cheese and I have my dessert, but I'm just trying to get back in the groove because I don't feel good inside yet."

Coco even says that although people might praise her for her looks, for herself it is still in progress. "I'm slowing it down a little bit but I'm still burning a nice amount and I just feel like I might look good to people, but I don't feel good inside so I think that's more of a mental thing." 

But after the birth of Coco's daughter,  she went back to working hard as a model as can be seen by some of her workout pictures. This curvy TV star model shared some gym snaps to show her fans the kind of exercises they need to do to get a body like hers. Even at the age of 34 years old, Coco was using TRX suspension training to strengthen her core muscle. She was attending the Fit Republic gym.

She even mentioned her trainer Thomas Patterson at the New Jersey gym who as per her helped her shred unwanted pounds quickly.  She wrote in one of her tweets, "All I really can say is OMG!! My body fat is shedding before my eyes. Thomas uses boot camp techniques and also uses his own body weight for resistance. He has moves like no other. Here are just some candid pics I took while on my last visit with him. I usually work 2 sessions a week with him along with my regular work-outs." 

Coco changed her workout routine which she has been doing since 18 years old before turning to Thomas. Ice and Coco's marriage was under strain with false claims that Coco had cheated on her husband in Las Vegas. But, things are back to normal after Ice takes his wife on a surprise visit to Gordan Ramsay's BurGR restaurant in Sin City. Within this unexpected ride of life, Coco continues to accept herself and be proud of who she is and wants to help people along the way with her experience.

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