Dilemma hits 

Dilemma hits 
(Colton Haynes Facing Rough Tides Yet Coming Back To Nature /Image Credits: ew.com )

It is a dilemma for a newborn coming and opening the eyes in a place where there is no compatibility among the parents. The father marrying for seven times in life and never settling unless committing suicide. The mother who has never been supported by the husband responding the same way as she was treated may be out of grudge with fate.

Dark secret Revealed 

At a very young age of fourteen the set back to all this situation faced by Colton came to a verge where a very dark secret of his life was revealed. He and the people in his surroundings found him to be a gay. The reason behind this transformation is very painful and even more painful is the fact that he had no one to jump in for him or protect him when he was sexually abused. Not once but multiple times.

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Will power and Determination

The natural attributes of his personality and the god gifted self-motivation, determination to handle the rough tides and that instinct of sailing against the flow brought him into the streamline. He has been focusing on his goals and the struggle has been acknowledged. He managed to pick up his chunk of recognition and success. Life started sailing smoother.

Nature as a vent

Nature as a vent
(Nature as a vent /Image Credits: GQ Australia )

When someone like Colton is going through such a life where he himself is the victim, himself a fighter and himself a survivor then he definitely needs a break. A break to sooth down his frustration, anxiety and threats. This makes him a nature lover spending some quality time at tracks. Appreciating and thanking nature at the same time.

Lost Coast Trail – California

This 24.6 miles long trail welcomes all throughout the year to explore the gems of nature. Yet the best period to get yourself closer to nature is fall. It takes you three or four days for a round trip.

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Tonto Trail – Arizona

This trail is 76 miles. Though one can have fun trailing throughout the year, July and August are the two months to be avoided due to high temperature. As it is a longer one so it would take four to six days for a round trip.

Kalalau Trail – Hawaii

A short trail only 22 miles long offers you to seek beauty and peace for around two to three days at maximum. The short period of time attracts a lot as it is easy to manage three days off.

The Wave – Arizona

The Wave – Arizona
(The Wave – Arizona /Image Credits: Teen Vogue )

Yet another, a very short round trip of only two to four hours makes this trail one of the favorites. This factor brings people from all age groups and all mediums of life. They spare a couple of hours to freshen up their stressed life.

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